Dalmatian: character and price

Dalmatian: character and price

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Dalmatian, with black or brown spots, it is synonymous with company. His character it's a nice character, yes, but you have to be careful. The Dalmatian it is indeed quite a dog intelligent, he immediately understands whether to have a pulse and, if so, he won't be long, awake as he is, to take over the house.

Dalmatian: characteristics

Clean, elegant and athletic, the Dalmatian it is around 25 kg: it is a large dog, and its height can vary from 48 to 60 cm, it also depends on whether it is male or female. In any case, the stains al Dalmatian they are never lacking, and as their color changes, so does that of the nose and eyes which, however, remain always bright and with an alert expression.

These lively lights are centered on an elongated head, often held high, often to stand up to your orders. The ears, large and hanging, give it a more tame air, fade the appearance of the Dalmatian sometimes irreverent, dangling slightly, in the company of the tail, long, often curved upwards. An apostrophe, an extra touch of sympathy, if ever it were needed in the case of Dalmatian.

Dalmatian: fur

Famous for its color, the fur of the Dalmatian it is short, compact, sleek and elegant, as elegant as hers character and his behavior. It is white, with black or liver-colored spots, everywhere. Its being shaved certainly entails advantages regarding house cleaning, but it means that the Dalmatian often needs a nice kennel. On Amazon there are excellent models, like this one in resin, excellent both indoors and outdoors, resistant and odorless for Dalmatian dogs, for sale at 54 euros.

With a very smooth gait, long its stride, the Dalmatian proposes itself to us, to and to the whole world, with a character basically cheerful. As in every human being, as in his mottled cloak, lights and shadows of this energy and exuberance alternate making him an excellent companion for those who are already his restless nature. Basically a Dalmatian…if you put on the right mask.

Dalmatian: character

If he doesn't get enough exercise, like a good hyperactive one, the Dalmatian can "go crazy". He can thus show his spiteful, stubborn, moody and destructive side. This happens, mind you, even if it is not pampered enough and the center of attention. I don't want to paint you a tyrant dog: no. The Dalmatian he is a lovely dog, but you have to be the right family or single for him.

It has many qualities and, aware, it demands that we “keep up with it”. Physically, often accompanying him out, and metaphorically, including him in family activities. Or even just make cupcakes, which have his face.

If treated well, as you wish, the Dalmatian exhibits a "super" character: affectionate, calm, protective. Even with children, it goes very well. Just don't let them ally too much because, already he alone, especially as a puppy, makes one and 101 thinks about it.

Dalmatian: price

Yet, with its lights and shadows, with its spots, even in character, and perhaps because of this, I find that the Dalmatian is an absolutely desirable dog. It attracts me a lot, with that nose, elegant and lively. It is a desire that varies from 500 to 800 euros, about. The price it depends a lot on the market, on the demands and on the availability of puppies of this breed at the moment. This is especially true for Italy, a country where the Dalmatian it is not widespread.

Parameters that make the price of a Dalmatian puppy are the breeding of origin, its length of stay there and the correctness and accuracy of the documentation following it, including pedigree. When buying a Dalmatian it is advisable to check that as a puppy he received the correct deworming and vaccination treatment. Hearing must also be looked at carefully because the Dalmatian has one of the most common health problems deafness: 1 in 12 suffer from it.

Dalmatian: origin

Dalmatian, from the name, one can guess that it comes from Dalmatia, and documents confirm its Croatian origin, as early as 1955 when the official International Cynological Federation. It is referred to as a hunting dog, the character it is precisely that of the group of hounds and dogs for the blood trail. Now that it's more like a pet, the Dalmatian it maintains its original features even if it is “placed” in a terraced house on the outskirts of a metropolis, far from the English estates where it is said that it corrected without restraint a century or more ago.

Arrived with the invasions of the Slavic peoples, the Dalmatian appears in the canvases of 17th century Flemish painters along with hunters and continues in this role in early 19th century Britain. Fast and powerful, it has now become mostly pet, and in Italy it has arrived just, yes yes, just with Walt Disney.

It was his luck and his downfall, this animated film in which Walt Disney chooses him as the protagonist. The title is "The charge of 101" (One Hundred and One Dalmatians), it is based on the novel "The hundred and one Dalmatians" by Dodie Smith and tells the adventures of the kidnapped puppies of Pongo and Peggy, in the clutches, or almost, of Cruella De Mon.

It seems the story of the stars ruined by success, that of Dalmatian, so called, but this cliché doesn't fit him perfectly, because he found his way by winning the sympathy of the many who took him just because he was on TV. But the "blows" of popularity with the film and subsequent revivals and sequels, each time make fear the decline of the race of the Dalmatian. The "cruel" do not wear furs like the bad protagonist of the film, but they are just as fearsome.

To threaten the Dalmatian, in reality, not in cartoons, it is the “commercial” breeders, the ones who ride these film fads, and improvise breeders of this or that breed for profit. In this case, but you will notice it, there is no attention to the pedigree, to the health or temperament of the animals.

Knowing the Dalmatian, and his temper, he would give these guys a personalized gadget that speaks for itself, and then run away to those who really want it, without monetizing it.

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