Macassar oil: properties and price

Macassar oil: properties and price

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Macassar oil, a panacea for the hair, great for making it stay shiny and natural, with a healthy look and also beautiful to stroke or just to see. This oil is extracted from a plant that comes from afar, from Indonesia, but the ointment that interests us is not difficult to find in Italy or in Europe and is becoming increasingly well known.

Macassar oil: properties and benefits

In particular, theMacassar oil it is used by those who have, or think they have, dry and brittle hair, because it is used to prepare a nourishing natural pack. This magical liquid comes from the plant Cananga Odorata, also called Ylang Ylang, are the flowers used to produceMassacar oil and in truth they produce two, of oils, chemically different.

That of Massacar it is extracted from the first, second and third distillation, while with an extra distillation it is obtained that of Ylang Ylang. The first is considered an excellent natural remedy for hair, light but at the same time acting in depth, penetrating into the hair fiber and invigorating it.

Since the Victorian era, the properties and i benefits of Massacar oil, it was smeared on the hair of the ladies of the time every day.

Macassar ebony

Macassar ebony, with the scientific name "Diospyros celebica", belongs to the Ebenaceae family and is a slow growing evergreen plant, but slowly it even reaches 20 meters in height.

It is highly appreciated for the wood that has a "variegated" color, which goes from black to brown, often in addition to the streaks it also has real defects such as cracks and twists. It is called Massakar because that is it the name of the main port of the island where the plant was born, the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, but wood is coveted around the world for cabinet making, fine carpentry, turning and for the manufacture of musical instruments.

Macassar Erbolario oil

You don't need to go to Indonesia to buy of Massacr oil for our hair, even online there are packs of 100 mL for 17 euros, of Erbolario. The ointment should be applied by distributing it with short and regular massages on dry hair, then it is necessary to wait a minimum of thirty minutes, and rinse very easily because this oil is not heavy and makes the hair shiny and full of vigor. It is also excellent in summer because protects the hair from aggressive agents such as salt and sunlight.

Macassar oil: price

We find online theMassacar dell’Erbolario oil, of excellent quality, and that of other brands, but for those who prefer to go to the herbalist's shop, there will be no problems. It comes in transparent bottles, it is golden yellow tending to orange, when it is spread it has a sticky consistency and smells very good.

Massacar wood is much harder to find because the plant does not grow everywhere and in the past it has been used unconsciously. Today, therefore, wood has a high price, oil, accessible even if not on sale.

Macassar oil or Argan oil

Both Massacar and Argan oil are precious for those who care for their hair and are very keen to have it bright and strong Macassar can also be combined with the use of Coconut and Almond Oil, Cananga, Sweet Orange, Cloves and Bergamot. The mix has a restorative, strengthening, polishing action.

Macassar oil: hair

As anticipated, the effects on the hair are wonderful, one of the advantages of this oil is its lightness, so it does not cause problems when it must be distributed on the hair as pack to keep on your head even all night.

Even the ease with which it rinses, unlike other oils, is a plus value of the Massacar oil which in summer protects the hair from the sun, from the combined action of sea and sun, from the effect of the first baths that can be "Aggressive". Always applied to the hair and scalp, this one oil is beneficial for those suffering from seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and dandruff, and also eliminates cradle cap in babies.

Macassar oil: opinions

Almost unanimously, the Massacar is considered a excellent ally of our hair, thanks to its oil. Many of those who try it, a little doubtful, and convinced that they will never remember to apply it daily, then realize that it costs very little effort, especially considering the immediate and lasting results it gives.

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