What are the best pet care

What are the best pet care

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Having a pet is a commitment in which a series of responsibilities are acquired. From that moment, a living being depends on its caregiver and its quality of life will be linked to the care that it provides. Although each animal is unique, there is a series of general basic care that must be provided for it to have a dignified, full and healthy life.

Many animals are adopted every day or come home by other means, such as buying in an authorized establishment or as part of a gift. The first question to ask yourself before welcoming the animal and acquire the necessary commitment to serve you it is if you are willing to give away part of the time you have. With a pet you not only have to feed and clean it, you also have to be patient and persistent, share free time and offer care you need to lead a healthy and happy life.


All animals, no matter what stage of life they are in, need health-related care. The first thing to do in this regard, when an animal comes home, regardless of the type or breed, is to go to the veterinary for the first checkup and inform your caregiver of the schedule of visits, vaccination and deworming. The usual thing is to repeat this visit at least once a year so that the veterinarian can subject the pet to a general check-up. In this way, any disease can be detected early.

In any case, if it is noticed that the animal changes behavior suddenly, becomes lazy or excessively nervous, a specialist should be consulted so that they can diagnose what is happening to it and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

For general care, such as deworming or vaccinations, any clinic can seem valid. However, if you have to deal with major complications, it is better to have the top experts. In this sense, from the first hour you have to pay attention to choose the veterinary center.


For specialized veterinary care, Anicure it is presented as the best option. It is a model of treatment and animal care to follow that was born in the Scandinavian region and of which only the best veterinary clinics and hospitals for animals. Its objective is to offer advanced veterinary care, maintaining a high level of training and collaboration between pet clinics and veterinarians across Europe.

With the best techniques and technology applied to the veterinary and animal care sector, AniCura offers top-quality, modern veterinary care. With 300 locations around Europe, it provides a first class service to the pets of those owners who only want the best for these animals, who are treated as part of the family. By placing their trust in this great family of veterinary clinics and hospitals they ensure the highest availability and commitment to animal welfare.

The Anicura clinic makes sure that the animals are treated when they need it regardless of the time or day of the year in which any type of emergency occurs.


It is one of the pillars on which the health and well-being of the animal is supported and, for this reason, it is necessary to offer it a type of diet appropriate to the type of animal, its breed and its own and particular characteristics. It is vital that pets carry a balance diet that not only meets their energy needs to stay active and fit, but also provides them with the right nutrients.

In the case of dogs and cats, the most frequent pets that live in homes, it is best to select a dry food that is tailored to their growth stage and specific needs. They should never be given raw food, as it can lead to parasitic diseases.


There is care in relation to hygiene that is difficult for some pets to accept willingly, such as bathroom, so you will have to get used to them little by little and arm yourself with large doses of patience and affection. Cats in particular are quite reluctant and dogs will put up more opposition depending on the breed. The use of gels or shampoos specially made for pets is recommended.

He daily brushing is the best way to maintain your hygiene without altering your skin and, in relation to ears, should be cleaned with gauze. exist ear canal products highly recommended, after massaging the area it is cleaned with a gauze using some of them carefully, as it is usually a very sensitive part in animals. It is advisable to talk to your vet about the most appropriate product in case it is necessary to use it.

The Nails must be trimmed if animals do not wear them down. Especially in the case of dogs, that of dewclaws that tend to grow until they dig into their own skin. For cats it is enough to place scratchers scattered around the house, in this way they will be the ones who will keep their nails perfect.

The dental checkup It will be done by gently pressing the joint of your mouth with your fingers to see the condition of your teeth. Usually the teeth clean themselves if they are on a dry feed diet or when they chew on their toys. In case of tartar or bad breath, you should go to the vet.

By Gaia Vercelli

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