Rare video shows incredible sloth birth in treetop

Rare video shows incredible sloth birth in treetop

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A rare video shocked and caused tension, as it shows a lazy baby dangling from its mother's umbilical cord at the top of a tree.

The person responsible for recording this moment is 25-year-old tour guide Steven Vela, who, sharing the video on social media, commented:

"Not every day you see the birth of a sloth."

The filming of the lazy baby's birth occurred on February 23, in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica.

In the scene, it is possible to see the lazy baby, just after his birth, hang in the air for a few seconds by the umbilical cord, until the mother grabs him next! Ugh, what a relief and what a scare!

See how that strange moment was shared in this video on the Greenish channel, which shows some stages of the birth of a brown-throated sloth (Bradypus variegatus) in the top of a tree.

This video had thousands of views, which surprised Steven Vela, who expressed this surprise by saying:

"I never expected so many people to post the video and so many people to see it."

How the filming took place

This filming took place when Steven Vela, who is a guide for the company Canoa Aventura, accompanied a group of foreigners and when he was near La Fortuna, near the Arenal Volcano National Park. He watched the scene through the car window, then stopped and ended up witnessing, for the first time in his life, the final stages of the birth of a lazy mother.

Expert opinion

Rebecca Cliffe, CEO and founder of the Sloth Conservation Foundation of Costa Rica, emphasized the rarity of this scene and commented:

“Witnessing this birth is extremely rare. Few people have seen this, especially lazily. "

Sam Trul, Director and Co-Founder of the Sloth Consevation Foundation, stated:

"I don't think the baby hanging by the umbilical cord, like in the video, is the norm."

According to her, the lazy mother usually withdraws the placenta and then lowers her hands to support the body of the newborn, and this suggests that the puppy should not hang on the cord.

As you can see, even the specialists are surprised and doubtful about what happened, leading to the question of whether it is normal for a lazy baby to be hung by the umbilical cord in the air and what would have caused this delivery to be like this ?

Anyway, luckily the puppy was caught in time by his mother and can feel the security of her hug!

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