Dolphin slaughter: fishermen threaten NGO Sea Shepherd in a macabre way

Dolphin slaughter: fishermen threaten NGO Sea Shepherd in a macabre way

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On the Atlantic coast of France, the violent death of dolphins does not stop. Since the beginning of the year, an estimated 600 dolphins have already died accidentally in fishing nets or through voluntary violent actions by groups of unscrupulous fishermen, according to data from the French delegation of the international organization for the defense of marine life Sea Shepherd .

France is "the country where the most dolphins are killed in Europe and one of the worst countries in the world”.

The organization Whale and Dolphin Conservation warns that the situation is serious, and with tragic figures higher than those of years past on the French coast.

The accidental death of dolphins in fishing areas is a constant, but on the coast of France there is intentional cruelty. Some groups of fishermen not only do not respect official controls to avoid accidental deaths, but they are also killing dolphins for being competitors for fish catches.

It's a butcher shop”That damages protected species in France and the whole of the European community, provoked in the name of an economic activity that stubbornly denies its responsibilities and that rejects transparency by categorically opposing the cameras on the decks of ships.

The fishermen are not held responsible, they continue to throw the ball to each other and the Fisheries committees categorically reject the cameras on the boat decks, the only reliable way to see clearly.

To overcome this lack of transparency, Sea Shepherd launched Operation Dolphin Bycatch in 2018, the objective of which is to document catches to allow the identification of responsible fisheries and the implementation of emergency measures to save the dolphin population before it is too late. .

The mere presence of Sea Shepherd at sea in fishing grounds is causing increasing tension among some fishermen. Threats, insults, intimidation, even stoning, are situations that the NGO has to deal with.

The most specific case has been the appearance of the mutilated body of a dolphin on whose back a rude and threatening phrase was engraved with a knife (“Sea Shepherd Fuck”) Against Sea Shepherd, as denounced by the marine life defense group on its website.

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