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Greyhound dog

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Greyhound dog, a fast dog, one of the fastest dogs in the world with an average of 63 km / h and a maximum of 72 km / h on the straights. It comes from England, in fact it is also said English short-haired greyhound. It is definitely a beautiful dog, if you like the "Greyhound" genre, and it is docile and sweet. Officially it is classified as a dog breed belonging to the greyhound group, of course, and this means that it is a sight hunting dog, but it is mainly used in dog tracks, in racing or coursing competitions.

Greyhound dog: origins

The origins of the Greyhound dog but the versions are controversial. Some say it comes from North African greyhounds like it Sloughi and the Saluki and that it arrived in our continent 5 centuries before Christ thanks to the Celts.

This breed is also said to be the modern, imported version of the "Tesem”, An ancient Egyptian greyhound imported together with other “products” in Greece and England by the Phoenician people, specialized and dedicated, as is known, in maritime trade. This version would not surprise: they haggled, why not in dogs? A further idea on the origins of the Greyhound dog tells that they arrived in Europe returning with the Crusaders from the East between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

With this confusion about the arrival in Europe of this breed, or rather its ancestors, there is a bit of mystery even about the name: "Greyhound dog: "Probably derives from the archaic English" grighund ", where" hund "is the archaic of" hound ", but ... what" grig "means is not yet understood.

Once on the continent this dog was used for hunting, as the greyhounds used to be, so it was often the companion of nobles, dedicated to this activity. Even Queen Elizabeth I, passionate, would seem to have known and appreciated the Greyhound Dog, as well as various artists who have included it in their paintings: let's try to look for it in the paintings of Brueghel the Elder, Botticelli, Pisanello and many more.

The coursing it is one of the disciplines in addition to hunting that sees our dog excel: it is a competitive discipline in the open field in which two animals try to reach a hare. In England it is prohibited today, but in the 19th century it was very popular and made the Greyhound dog very widespread, known and appreciated, since the first edition of the Waterloo Cup, in 1837. As races and bets on races have spread to all Anglo-Saxon countries and beyond, the Greyhound Dog has depopulated, always among nobles and enthusiasts of high range.

Greyhound dog: appearance

Also called English greyhound with short hair the Greyhound dog it is an animal of indisputable charm and beauty. And of medium size, its weight varies from 27 to 32 kg and the males at the withers measure between 71 and 76 cm, the females between 68 and 71 cm. Dog of strong and imposing constitution, he has balanced proportions and good muscular power, essential for the running performances for which he is famous.

The physicist has one symmetrical structure, the head and neck are elongated as shape while the shoulders are sloping, the chest deep, the trunk spacious. The feet and limbs are perfect for running: the elasticity that the whole body possesses is evident as well as a rather aerodynamic construction.

The flat skull, with a little marked stop, shows powerful and well chiseled jaws and ends with a dark nose, the ears are instead pink, small and fine, the eyes preferably dark and oval-shaped, bright and intelligent. And they don't lie. The pace of the Greyhound dog can only be described as straight, grazing, elongated and with one enviable stride.

Let's finish the description of the breed talking about the hair, aerodynamic also because it is fine and compact. As for the colors, those allowed are many and each can have white spots: black, white, red, blue, fawn, deer and brindle.

Greyhound dog: character

Sweet and intelligent: this is how we can summarize the character of this dog which, in the absence of stimuli, can however be indolent. Being sweet the Greyhound Dog craves sweetness, I recommend it, so if you are the type of owner who is ready to adore him, to let him sleep on the bed or be next to you, very close, almost anywhere. Without harming him, but he is a dog to be allowed some vices. As a character he is balanced and affectionate, obviously snappy and attentive. Attentive to the property but also to its owner: it is in fact an excellent companion dog, very affectionate, who can be affectionate without being intrusive.

Greyhound dog: breeding and care

Like every large breed dog has an average life of approx 13 years but he is not prone to get sick: with advancing age, he usually does not have particular physical problems or genetic diseases such as typical hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, other colleagues of yours do.

Despite being a born sprinter, he does not require you to run or go out exceptionally but like his similar in size, he is instead important make sure his diet is balanced. We pay attention to when he eats, however, because he could be subject to the torsion and dilation of the stomach: just check that you eat slowly, and above all, immediately after the meal you do not run too much. Now is not the time!

The Greyhound dog enjoys fantastic health. We always check, in the farms, but his evaluation is quite calm. In the United States, in spite of the betting to which it was used in other times, it is instead used for the pet therapy, thanks to its docile and loving character. For the same reason next to the Greyhound dog another animal, including a cat, can live very well. Once she gets acquainted with him, she is sweet to him too.

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