Cleaning the washing machine filter, driving

Cleaning the washing machine filter, driving

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Cleaning the washing machine filter: the guide on how to clean the washing machine filter manually or with descaling and descaling products. Advice on how to properly maintain the washing machine filter.

Those who live in areas where water hardness is high is ... really unfortunate! Water rich in limestone damages any plumbing pipe and any household appliance that uses water, first of all washing machine and dishwasher. Not just limestone damages the filter and the resistance of the washing machine but it forces us to use more detergent and consume more electricity!

In the long run, limescale deposits cover the electrical resistance, for this reason the washing machine has a harder time heating the water in washes from 30 ° C upwards with a consequent waste of energy. The water makes more turns around the electric resistance because it cannot heat up, consequently it deposits more limescale ... a real vicious circle that only leads to negative consequences. In addition, a high water hardness lowers the efficiency of detergents and causes problems with seals and filters.

Safeguard the health of the washing machine filter

To protect the health of the washing machine filter, we recommend using detergents that are as natural and biodegradable as possible. Not only the quality of the detergents must be eco-friendly but also the dosages must not exceed. Of course, however, those who have limescale problems do not solve everything with a better detergent.

To get a definitive solution to the limescale problem, consider installing awater softener. The minerals dissolved in it make the water hard, in particular the limestone is given by deposits of magnesium and calcium. A water softener goes todelete awaythese ions exploiting in complex filtering mechanism. For more information, please visit the page dedicated towater softener.

In the scenario moredramatic (intensive use of the appliance with hard water, non-biodegradable detergent, high doses of detergents ...) remember to clean the washing machine filter once a month.

Cleaning the washing machine filter

How to clean the washing machine filter: remove the filter and wash it

Before doing any work, remember to unplug the power supply and turn off the water supply.

Locate thewashing machine filter. It is generally located in the lower front part of the appliance and is protected by an interlocking door. In more casescumbersome,the filter is placed under the basket. To know for sure where thewashing machine filterconsult the user manual of your appliance…. have you lost it? Don't worry, manufacturers are now making the digital version of the user manual available. Enter your product code (name and model code) on the manufacturer's website and download the user manual.

Place a terry towel and a basin on the floor. Once you have identified the filter, unscrew it with your hands by rotating it counterclockwise and immediately transfer it to the basin: if the filter was clogged, dirty water will come out which up until that moment could not drain properly.

Wash the filter under running water taking care to remove any residue of dirt.

Screw the filter back on, this time turning it clockwise. Re-attach the flap and that's it.

How to clean the washing machine filter: cleaning agents

Just as there are water softeners, the market offers various products for cleaning the filter, the resistance and other components of the washing machine. These products eliminate limescale build-up and, those who wash a lot and live in an area where the water is hard, should perform this cleaning at least once a month.

Therecleaning the washing machine filterwith specific products it is much simpler, in fact you will not have to disassemble anything but only perform a vacuum wash by loading a special chemical additive that dissolves the limescale and eliminates the residues of dirt accumulated in the filter and in the other components of the washing machine.

Among the products on the market, I recommend the use of the Clean & Care descaler and degreaser. The purchase package has 10 disposable sachets. On Amazon, this product is offered at a price of 16.50 euros with free shipping. It can be used with all washing machines (and also for cleaning the internal components of the dishwasher).

Useful link from Amazon: Clean & Care descaler and degreaser

Since Amazon doesn't have any product descriptions, I'll do it! Inside the package there are 10 sachets of 50 grams each and very simple instructions in Italian.

The product was created to remove limescale and "dissolve" dirt residues. It prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and improves the performance of the washing machine because by removing limescale from the heating element it reduces energy consumption and, by cleaning the filter, improves the detergent yield.

It is a highly descaling product so it should only be used once a month but only in conditions of intense use of the appliance (if you limit yourself to making a single washing machine a week, you can use it every two).

Attention before purchasing!
The same manufacturer offers a very similar detergent but it is not "descaler / descaler". The packages are very similar but to eliminate limescale and clean the washing machine filter you will need the descaler… both the washing machine and the dishwasher are shown on the descaler package, while on the cleaning detergent (which only eliminates unpleasant odors) only the washing machine is shown.

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