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Almond butter, all the info

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Almond Butterfood: properties, nutritional values, recipe, production, where to buy it and all useful information onAlmond Butter.

Therealmondis the edible seed ofAlmond tree. With us Italians, thealmondis known as atypical Sicilian product, so much so that it has been included in the list of traditional Italian food products. Despite this, theAlmond Butterhe was not born in Sicily nor in Italy. On our territory other food products derived fromalmondsbut not hisbutterspreadable born in the United States and spread later as an alternative to peanut butter.

In Italy, among the food products derived fromalmond, the most common ones are thealmond milk, almond flour and almond paste.

Almond milk is among thetypes of vegetable milkmost widespread in the world, indeed, since 2011, in the United States, the consumption ofalmond milkhas surpassed that of soy milk which until then held the record in the field ofvegetable milk most consumed by Americans. Thealmond milkit is easy to prepare at home. For the recipe of homemade almond milk, see the page "almond milk, how to do it “.As well as thealmond butter, its milk and its pasta, even almond flour can be self-produced. For all the info, please refer to the page dedicated toalmond flour.Finally, for the almond paste recipe you have the page dedicated to the "Almond paste “.In this article we will continue with what are thepropertyand information on theAlmond Butter, from nutritional values ​​to its production.

Almond Butter

Thealmond butterit's apastabased onalmonds: has a smooth and spreadable consistency. Thehomemade almond butterit must often be mixed not only during preparation but also before use: it is very susceptible to the separation of the oily component from the more solid one as, at home, the recipe does not see the addition of stabilizers or emulsifiers.

To limit the separation of the oily component and the deterioration of theAlmond Butter, after production this must be stored in the refrigerator, in the area where the temperature is lowest (usually in the upper part of the refrigerator).

For the preparation it is limited to crushing the almond seeds by hand (or with the Thermomix or a very powerful mixer) until a smooth paste is obtained.

Almond butter, properties

TheAlmond Butterit is rich in monounsaturated fats, calcium, potassium, iron and manganese. TheAlmond Butterit is considered a good source of riboflavin, phosphorus and copper. Provides a good amount of Vitamin E, magnesium and dietary fiber. TheAlmond Butterit is suitable for those who are following a protein diet as 100 grams provide 15 g of good quality vegetable protein.

Almond butter, nutritional values

It is about almondspoundeduntil the mixture is smooth and spreadable. In food formulations, almond butter is added with other vegetable oils (such as canola oil) to ensure a spreadable and smooth consistency. Emulsifiers are added to avoid separation from the oily component with the "almond paste". For the addition of these ingredients, thealmond buttercommercial is slightly more caloric than homemade.

The nutritional values ​​reported for almonds see, for 100 grams of product, an intake of 571 calories dictated by:

  • Protein 24.19 g
  • Fat 50.61 g
  • Carbohydrates 2.74 g

Vitamin E is present in the ratio of 23.6-26 mg while the most abundant mineral is magnesium (100 g of shelled almonds contain about 270 mg). Iron is represented in about 3 mg and calcium about 220 mg.

Thenutritional propertiesreported by the USDA Nutrient Database (from the nutritional database of the United States Department of Agriculture) see, for theAlmond Butterproduced atnaturalwithout the addition of salt, stabilizers or emulsifiers, an intake of calories equal to 633 kcal. In particular:

  • 21 g of carbohydrates (of which 3.7 of dietary fiber)
  • 59 g of fat (of these 5.6 saturated, 38.3 g monounsaturated, 12.4 g polyunsaturated)
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 3 g of zinc

The nutritional profile of mineral salts and vitamins remains unchanged in natural commercial almond butter.

For the almond butter recipe, please refer to the articleHow to make homemade almond butter.

Almond butter, where to buy it

Thealmond butterhomemade is not difficult to obtain, but due to the tendency of the oily component to separate fromdrier component,theAlmond Butterhomemade is difficult to manage. Industrially, the emulsion is made in much more powerful mixers without adding extra ingredients. Avoid buying "light" almond butter as it is lower in calories but richer in "bad fats".

Those who prefer can buy theAlmond Buttertaking advantage of online trading. On Amazon there are several purchase proposals from authorized retailers, among others we point out:Almond Butter - Jar of 170 grams.

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