Recycle clay pots

Recycle clay pots

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Recycle clay pots: practical guide to the creative recycling of terracotta pots, broken or intact pots. From the creation of sculptures with vases stacked one in the other to mini gardens made with broken vases and occasional furnishings such as colored stones, DIY houses and more.

THEbroken vasesthey can be reused to create DIY works with a high aesthetic impact. If sculptures like the one shown in the photo above can be built with intact terracotta pots, broken earthenware pots are no exception!

In the photo above, 35 different vases, a pair of old boots, 5 plants and white stones were used to create a sculpture with a humanoid appearance. A real waste of resources that only those with a large garden can assume. For sustainable creative recycling, we can use a couple of broken pots, preferably one smaller than the other!

The photos below show two examples ofrecycling of terracotta pots for the creation of small gardens furnished with taste. On this page we will see justhow to recycle clay potsto achieve a similar effect. Let's see immediately what it takes forrecycle the jarsand create a mini garden with succulent plants or small tree species.

  • Two vases
  • Some soil
  • Moss
  • Colored glass pebbles
  • White pebbles
  • Palette for gardening
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Miniature garden furniture accessories
  • Fat plants

As for the vases, these must be diametrically compatible: ideally, one with a diameter of 35 cm and the other of 15 cm. You can use broken pots or you can break onead hocusing a multipurpose tool with circular blade dremel type.Such a multipurpose tool is useful not only for cutting the vase as we wish but also for smoothing the edges or creating terracotta steps as shown in the figure below right.

As for the miniature furnishing accessories, you can recycle those you use for the Christmas crib or make a small wheelbarrow yourself or even better, a little house for birds placed on a colored food skewer.

Recycle clay pots, how to proceed

If you have to break an intact earthenware pot, lay it out on a work surface and then draw the cut with a pencil. The vessel to be broken is the one with the largest diameter.

Cut the vase

Use the multi-purpose tool with the rotating blade to cut the desired section. At this stage, protect your eyes from splinters by wearing a mask.

The cut of the vase will have to start from the top and go up to the lower edge to give you a wide opening with a little edge at the bottom.

Insert the intact vase inside the broken vase

On the drain hole, place a piece of broken crock to prevent the dirt from escaping. Start filling the bottom few cm with soil and place the smallest pot still intact inside the pot. The intact pot must be moved entirely to the right side so as to leave room for the moss and the staircase to be placed on the left side.

Build the staircase

With the multipurpose tool, cut the remaining pieces of earthenware in order to create the steps of your staircase. Fill the broken pot by alternating a step with a handful of soil. Continue until you reach the upper edge of the intact vase.

Also fill the second (intact) pot with soil. At this point you just have to furnish the mini-garden with plants, pebbles and small decorative accessories.

Arrange the plants and decorations

This phase is the one that leaves more room for your creativity. Bury the plants by placing the taller ones on the back and the smaller ones in the foreground, near the front edge of the pot.

Which plants to use?
The seedlings ofeverlasting (from the Crassulaceae family) are ideal for filling smaller spaces in your mini-garden. They can be planted between one step and another or in the spaces left free by moss. Plants that need more space should be planted in the soil of the intact pot. All empty spaces left by plants and moss can be filled with white pebbles or colored pebbles.

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