Grapeseed oil, properties and uses

Grapeseed oil, properties and uses

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Grapeseed oil, properties and use. All the info on grape seed oil: where to buy it, food use and in cosmetics for face, skin and hair care.

L'grapeseed oilit is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E, it is used both in cosmetics and for daily nutrition. It is widely used in cosmetics, both for hair care and for face and skin care: to make it popular are its slightly astringent properties, moreover it is an oil that is absorbed with a certain ease so as to nourish it. the skin deep. Before continuing to talk about thepropertyofgrapeseed oiland its food and cosmetic uses, let's focus on its production.

Grapeseed oil, what is it

L'grapeseed oilit's aoilof vegetable origin extracted from the seed present in the grape. Grapeseeds are rich in polyphenols and oils, which is why they are able to return a product rich in antioxidants and with a high content of polyphenols.

The production of grape seed oil

For theproduction of grape seed oil, grape seeds undergo a rapid phase ofdrying. L'food-grade grapeseed oil, generally, it is extracted mechanically with the use of hydraulic or screw presses. This is a very long process that explains the high cost of the final product. Grapeseeds contain 10-20% oil. L'grapeseed oil used in cosmetics has a lower price because it is obtained with an extraction process with hexane, ie with the use of an organic chemical solvent.

Grapeseed oil, properties

Thanks to his property, grape seed oil is widely used in cosmetics. It has slightly astringent and strongly emollient properties.

Grapeseed oil for face and body

Its emollient properties make it suitable for face care and to moisturize the body: it makes the skin more elastic, manages to soften it and even smooth it.

Thanks to its properties, grapeseed oil is excellent carrier or carrier oil to be used for body, face and hair care in combination with the active ingredients of the most concentrated essential oils.

Grapeseed oil on the hair

Not just face and body skin:grape seed oilit is widely used for the natural care ofhair! Very useful for those who make the straightener to straighten or curl their hair and even more useful for those who suffer a lot from the effect of humidity (excellent remedy for swollen hair!).

Used on the hair, it manages to reduce moisture permeability, has a detangling effect by increasing the combability of the hair and reducing the formation of knots.

Given its properties, this vegetable oil is widely used in the cosmetic field and is indicated on the label with the INCI name"Vitis vinifera seed oil".

Edible grape seed oil

For its composition in terms offatty acids,grape seed oil can be compared to the more common sunflower oil. Even the smoke point can be compared to that of sunflower: sunflower oil has a smoke point that varies (based on quality) from 210 to 245 ° C, similarly the smoke point of grape seed oil ranges from 200 to 245 ° C, for this reason, grape seed oil is considered suitable for frying and cooking that reach high temperatures. The formation of acrolein determines the smoke point of an oil: the greater the formation of acrolein, the richer the oil is in unsaturated acids (and therefore it is more sensitive to heat).

Grapeseed oil, where to buy

Find thegrapeseed oilit's not easy, especially if you look for it in thesupermarketunder the house. Unfortunately, it is not a very widespread vegetable oil and therefore more difficult to find, however, those who are familiar with online purchases can buy grapeseed oil using trusted ecommerce or through the sales offered by Amazon.

Thecostof grapeseed oil varies a lot, not only from producer to producer but also according to the retailer's pricing policy. On Amazon, a 100ml bottle ofgrapeseed oil100% pure and to be used for body care, it can be bought for € 5.49 with free shipping.

Thepricegrows a lot for those who intend to buy thefood-grade grapeseed oil: a 500 ml bottle costs around 20 euros. Also in this case, searching the supermarket shelves does not always give a good result, so the discourse of ecommerce and online shopping is still valid.

The high difference incostbetween grapeseed oil for cosmetic use and grapeseed oil for food was explained in the first paragraph dedicated to production.

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