How to recycle walnut shells

How to recycle walnut shells

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How to recycle walnut shells: many creative ideas for making homemade candles, place cards, mosaics and many other objects to give free rein to art and imagination!

THE nut shells are made of a very resistant material that lends itself well to different creations. In this article you will find out how to recycle walnut shells in a simple and creative way.

How to recycle walnut shells creatively: basic instructions

The only precaution to allow you to recycle the walnut shells is that of paying close attention when opening the walnuts: you must try not to crush the shell but to divide it in half. In this way you can take advantage of the shells at most. A nutshellcrushed could be sharp and not lend itself to the creations we are about to propose.

How to recycle walnut shells to make candles

Have you ever thought of using a walnut shell to create a candle? To do this, simply pour hot wax into the shell, remembering to apply a wick that acts as a fuse for the candle. You can flavor these candles with essential oils (just a drop per nut will be enough), on this page thelist of essential oils.

How to recycle walnut shells, place cards in the shape of animals

For the children's table or for a party with friends you could create some cute place cards in the shape of an animal! To make them you first need a lot of imagination and walnut shells!

The animal that best lends itself to this creation is the mouse. To make a colored mouse, just paint the walnut shell with tempera or acrylic paint and apply buttons for the eyes and a thread of string for the tail. You can make the ears with cardboard of the same color without forgetting to paint the nose on the tip of the walnut! With the same technique you can also create turtles, fish and why not cats and dogs! Don't be too ambitious in designing your place card, remember that the dimensions of a nutshell are very small and do not allow you to add too many details!

How to recycle walnut shells to make a pincushion

To make a pincushion with a walnut shell, all you need is cotton wool, glue and a piece of fabric! Create a sort of small pillow with the shred of fabric and wadding or foam rubber. Remember to keep in mind the size of the walnut, the "pillow" will have to fit perfectly in there). After you have coated the foam rubber you can glue it into the walnut shell, your pincushion is ready!

How to recycle broken walnut shells

For those who have not managed to break nuts perfectly in half there are various alternative ideas. Here are the simplest to build.

Exfoliating soaps made by recycling broken nutshells

This idea will allow you to recycle not only the walnut shells but also the leftovers of the now unusable soap bars. To make exfoliating soaps, just chop the walnut shells in a mixer (equipped with a powerful motor, remember that they are quite thick and resistant!) Until you get almost a sort of thick powder. This powder will be added to the soap melted in a bain-marie which you will then pour into the appropriate molds (those for disposable aluminum muffins are fine too). For more details:how to make soap at home.

How to recycle broken walnut shells: decorative mosaics

If you are passionate about art you will not wait to realize this idea! The cracked and jagged pieces of shell can be used to make homemade mosaics! The only "flaw" of this idea lies in the fact that so many shells are needed. On the other hand, you won't have to waste time trying to divide them perfectly in half!

On a rigid cardboard make a draft of the design you want to create (a stylized landscape or an abstract subject are the ideal). Attach the cardboard to a thicker cardboard (such as those that can be found in supermarket parking lots). In order to have more support.

After preparing the drawing with a cardboard support, all you have to do is color your decorative mosaics using walnut shells. With tempera paint the shell shreds with the colors you need to color your mosaic. Remember to make drawings large enough otherwise you will not be able to "fill" them with shells.

You can put a double-sided adhesive hook on the cardboard in order to hang it on the wall. Your friends will be amazed when they discover that this mosaic is made from walnut shells.

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