How dogs play with each other

How dogs play with each other

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How dogs play with each other it is a question that concerns us, even if the "between them" can at first make us feel excluded. Not so because observing how dogs play with each other we can get to know better these quadrupeds that live with us. A bit like when you peek at your child or grandchild playing with his peers on the playground, revealing sides of character that are hidden from us.

Know how dogs play with each other it is also important, a much more pragmatic reason, because if our dog meets another one in the street or in the dedicated space, in the city and interacts with it, it is better to be able to distinguish play attitudes from other aggressive or threatening ones. To prevent scuffles and vice versa, don't get in the way if they're having fun in their own way.

First to analyze how dogs play with each other, I state that it is essential that they do so. And it is natural, too, so if our four-legged friend does not play, he is ill or has suffered a trauma. In any case, it is good that he starts playing with his peers, and with us, because it is certainly a pleasant activity but also with a strong educational and formative value.

From an early age, you learn everything through play: hierarchical positions, fighting, hunting: it serves for being "social" dogs, included in the pack, with a role in the community.

How dogs play with each other: hierarchies

One of the things to note by taking an interest in how dogs play with each other is which dog runs the games. Very often this reveals the hierarchical mechanism that exists in the pack. The head of the group he is the one who decides when it is time to play and when to go home, for example.

Already during the games of the litters, long before the reciprocal positions of submission and predominance are defined, elements of a strong character are gradually emerging. So, how dogs play with each other, is actually a litmus test of what they will be later in life, not only in the play phase.

The specimens that start hunting games will then be the leader of tomorrow, with their fellow men and even a little with us. They will tend to question our role as owners more than other dogs that tend to obey the boss in the litter.

How dogs play with each other as puppies

When it comes to puppies, how dogs play with each other it is a very physical and contact matter. The little ones, from how close they are close, and close to their mother, are in great need of contact. Both to feel protected and wrapped in a community embrace, and to measure oneself with the "other".

They start fights that are not bloody and a little unconscious between them nibbling, up to three or four months it seems the only way to play they have. Only around four months can we insert objects such as balls or rags, suitable for the type and size of the dog, and observe what changes in how dogs play with each other. The most skilled may become even future ones agility champions.

How dogs play with each other: hand to hand

The physical play, of hand to hand, does not end when we introduce games and objects into the how dogs play with each other, rather. It remains and how it changes. It is not easy for us outsiders to understand when two dogs are fighting for play and when they are fighting, but it is very useful to be able to make this distinction.

It happens that a puppy, who unfortunately has no knowledge of his own strength, exaggerates to bite another dog, taken by enthusiasm, and that the other makes verses. Ache? Or is it part of how dogs play with each other? The biter he has no idea of ​​the harm he can do and not even the consequences that his gesture may have if the other does not like it or does not have the same enthusiasm.

In this aspect of how dogs play with each other we can still refer to the litters by remembering the growling that is heard between siblings when playing wrestling. And the methods to say "enough": usually the dog who wants to stop first whines.

If that's not enough, it stops playing the game, if it's still not enough, it goes away. It is essential that he does it slowly, because if he runs others, including the harasser, he may think he is started a new game, of the run-up. He would chase him, trying to bite him.

How dogs play with each other on the hunt

When there is an object involved, if we look how dogs play with each other we easily see that a kind of competitiveness for possession develops. Whoever manages to conquer the ball or the rag or the prey in question, hardly gives it up. And it's not just a game because they take these furry fours very seriously.

Taking possession of the thrown stick or the wandering ball in the lawn is a true symbol of leadership. Especially if it becomes a habit. In investigatinghow dogs play with each other this gesture becomes an inevitable election of the leader of the pack leaders.

We can also enter the game, holding the contested rag or throwing the ball to recover, thus watching from the front row. how dogs play with each other without, however, putting the beak in their disputes unless they exaggerate with competitiveness. But be careful, we are not always competent referees, we do not have the same criteria as them.

How dogs play with each other in the water

THE games in the water they are a real cure-all for dogs, contact with water, whether it is river or sea or lake, is pleasant and also helps with physical exercise which is always precious. Especially if the puppy or the furry adult lives in the apartment. As soon as possible, therefore, it is welcome that there are opportunities for play in the water.

If the dog breed is not the most inclined, how the dogs play with each other comes into play because if a shy one sees others diving, not to be outdone follows them, overcoming fear or not wanting to get wet. L'Towing effect it is not to be overlooked when analyzing how dogs play with each other. In water games, objects such as fresbee are often used.

How dogs play with each other without objects

It is not essential that there is a ball or something similar for you to start playing. Dogs also play from nothing, they start with a kind of bow, placing themselves with the front paws lowered and the hind legs up. This position, seen for how dogs play with each other, an invitation to start interacting peacefully and a signal of desire for playful contact.

According to rules of the game tacitly shared and that, if you are a dog, you already know innately. Usually two dogs that know each other better and with the only gesture indicated, perhaps because they meet often. If it is the first time, it may take a few more minutes to make sure that the peaceful intentions are reciprocal.

How dogs play with each other and one watches

It may happen that while we watch how dogs play with each other, we notice that there is an excluded, an excluded self, who observes. There may be a physical cause underneath, a malaise, a sore paw, or a strategic reason. If we study how dogs play with each other to understand what is in their heads, even a dog himself can do it to better know his fellow men.

There are studies that investigate how, by observing the game of others, the same ones animals learn useful things about how you behave around other dogs. It sounds diabolical, or maybe just strategic. An aspect that makes dogs very similar to us in terms of emotional relationships.

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