Azawakh: character and breeding

Azawakh: character and breeding

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Azawakh, from Mali a long-limbed African greyhound and sweet, arrived for the first time in Europe around the year 1970. He found modest success in Italy, showing himself very skilled even in areas such asAgility. And we will see it with our own eyes. Advance that among his talents there is also that of speed: he can reach speeds higher than those of other greyhounds and manages to hunting hares and gazelles.

Azawakh: origins

This breed of the group of greyhounds, of Afro-Asian origin, comes from the area of ​​the middle Nigerian basin, takes its name from the valley ofAzawakh. For centuries he has lived alongside his inhabitants, with fidelity and always proving very useful given his quick intelligence.

It is in fact considered an inseparable companion by sub-Saharan nomads. It is a great help in hunting on sight but, speaking of the eye, since it too wants its part, ours Azawakh he is also a dog to show. With pride equal to that with which he accompanied mankind for years and years.

Azawakh: puppies

He immediately stands out as a particularly slender and elegant dog, l'Azawakh, her cubs are and remain so even when they reach adult size. It is a medium breed dog, its height at the withers for males varies from 64 to 74 cm, for females slightly less: from 60 to 70 cm. The weight is rather low compared to other more massive dogs of the same height: for males the kg is about 22 and for females 18.

With his proud bearing there'Azawakh it shows a well built bone and musculature, from which they show under fine and dry tissues. IS' slender but powerful, its body fits into a rectangle with the longer side vertical.

The lumbar area is slightly arched, short and dry, the chest develops mainly in length while the rump is oblique but not depressed. Being dry also means that the ribs appear, in their entire length, even to the naked eye. Moving on to the obviously long limbs, both the front and the hind legs are muscular and fine: this is the reason for the gait characterized by great lightness and elasticity which is one of the essential qualities of the breed.

The head of theAzawakh it is, also for coherence, elongated and fine, well shaped and which tightens into a straight, sharp muzzle with flat cheeks and a black or brown nose. Even the skull, as a whole, is almost flat and rather elongated, then the ears emerge, attached at the top, always drooping and flat. They have a rather wide base and a triangular shape despite the slightly rounded tip. The eyes of Azawakh they are almond-shaped and always dark or amber in color, very large, sometimes hypnotic.

Azawakh - cloak

Like the ears, the tail is also drooping, with the tip slightly raised, long and thin up to a small white plume at the end. For the rest it is covered with hair like the rest of the body, therefore short hair, fine and thin.

On the belly it can also happen that some specimens do not have the coverage of the hair and the skin appears. The color of the coat of the Azawakh admitted is the fawn with white spots on the extremities. It is the only one but all shades are accepted by the standard, from light sand to dark fawn, even red brindle streaks can appear without creating problems in recognizing the breed.

Azawakh: character

Lively and very awake, theAzawakh is an active dog, therefore not at all good for those who consider themselves a lazy owner and are looking for a dog to laze with. This breed has a classic character of those who accompanied nomads in the desert, of those who hunt on sight: how do you get distracted? They are habits that also a Domestic azawakh he inherited and also shows off at home.

Not that he goes hunting but he is very often on the go and be wary of strangers. With those who do not know he appears distant and reserved. To prevent him from showing aggressive attitudes towards people who pass the house and he does not know well, it is better to educate our child from an early age. Azawakh so that he knows that not all those outside the family are enemies. With his family, on the contrary, he is sweet and affectionate: he trusts and is loyal to life. Distrust aside, this breed adapts well to any kind of environment and is also quite resistant.

Azawakh: breeding

From the official website of Enci appear two farms that deal with the breed ofAzawakh. One is located in Emilia Romagna, in the province of Bologna, the other in the province of Perugia, in Umbria. As for diffusion on the Italian territory, the numbers of specimens recorded by vary between 20 and 30: it is not an unknown dog but not particularly well-known, there are other certainly better known greyhounds like little Italian greyhound and the Afghan hound.

Azawakh: agility

You cannot effectively explain in words how well the breed lends itself to activities such as Agility. Better to leave room for a short and fun video that shows "natural" how an Azawakh specimen approaches Agility. Immediately attentive, to note.

Azawakh: price

This breed is often cited as one of the most expensive ones. L'Azawakh, in fact, it would flaunt a price starting from 2,500 euros. Online it is possible that there are "better" opportunities, in terms of expense, but an African breed dog is so little widespread, it is always better to take it directly from a Enci certified breeding, in order to remove any suspicion and welcome a dog that is certainly healthy and with all the impeccable documents.

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