World day against arterial hypertension

World day against arterial hypertension

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World Day against Arterial Hypertension, on 17 May, the opportunity to do a check of one's own, but it is not the only one of the year. And a date that you remember how a healthy lifestyle can help "to live more is better". It is not always the only remedy for those suffering from Hypertension but always, it helps.

Arterial hypertension: what it is

You suffer from hypertension or arterial hypertension when you have high blood pressure in the arteries of the systemic circulation. It is a clinical condition that involves an increase in work on the heart, and it is never good to tire it.

There are two numbers that identify arterial hypertension and are used to understand if we suffer from it or is everything okay. There is the systolic and diastolic measurement, the first is detected when when the heart muscle contracts (systole), the other when it relaxes (diastole) between one beat and another. As a reference it is taken into account that at rest the normal systolic blood pressure it is between 100 and 140 mmHg, the diastolic between 60 and 90 mmHg.

In World Day against Arterial Hypertension we deal with cases in which there is a pressure frequently equal to or greater than 140/90 mmHg. Not everyone has the same "frequently" and therefore the same "degree" of hypertension: in 90-95% of cases we are in the presence of "primary hypertension". This means that we can indeed stay alert in the World Day against Arterial Hypertension but the blood pressure is high with no obvious underlying medical cause. Then there is the secondary, which covers 5-10% of cases, those caused by other diseases that affect the kidneys, arteries, heart or endocrine system.

World Day against Arterial Hypertension: when it occurs

It is May 17th the World Day against Arterial Hypertension, perhaps a day of no particular celebration but to take care of our clinical condition and understand how to best live to limit, if we suffer from it, hypertension.

This is because it represents a risk factor for stroke, for myocardial infarction, for heart failure, for aneurysms of the arteries, for peripheral arterial disease and is a cause of chronic kidney disease.

We must not be tragic, indeed, we see the World Day against Arterial Hypertension as a date to play in advance: since moderate elevations in arterial blood pressure lead to a reduction in life expectancy, with a healthy lifestyle we can oppose this reduction.

Of course, it is not always enough, sometimes a pharmacological treatment is necessary, but the fact remains that when they are introduced improved diet and lifestyle changes, it can significantly control blood pressure and reduce the risk of health complications.

World Day against Arterial Hypertension: initiatives

In World Day against Arterial Hypertension the protagonist and the reference point is certainly the International Society of Arterial Hypertension (ISH) and coordinated locally by the individual national companies. In Italy there is the Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension (SIIA) that for years, with the patronage of the Ministry of Health, has been organizing moments to inform and sensitize all citizens. In World Day against Arterial Hypertension but not only.

Last year they were installed stations organized by both SIIA and CRI, for a total of 136, distributed throughout the national territory. Alla World Day against Arterial Hypertension in 2015, 86 SIIA reference centers joined the total of 99 centers: excellent participation, 86.8%.

With the heart, I would say, Important has been and will be for this World Day against Arterial Hypertension and the future, the collaboration of pharmacies, for example, but also of well-established businesses present in the area, which can become a communication channel. In fact, in the World Day against Arterial Hypertension it is important to reach all citizens with explanatory and informative brochures, playbills, posters and automatic sphygmomanometers, so that people at risk become more aware, and people potentially at risk, to check their health.

Seeing how simple it is to measure your blood pressure and quickly, it will be automatic to want to keep yourself under control, if necessary, without forgetting or neglecting the problem. Anyway, every year, on May 17th, comes the World Day against Arterial Hypertension to get back in line.

World Day against Arterial Hypertension: data

In autumn 2016 the Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension (SIIA) he told about the current situation and trends with respect to the health issue for which he is the national reference point. Although the landscape is not disastrous, it is confirmed that every year it is necessary to raise public awareness on the importance of prevention through a correct approach to arterial hypertension.This is because it is a disease that still affects one in three people, causing 280 thousand deaths every year in Italy and 6.5 million worldwide.

There World Day against Arterial Hypertension it serves to remind everyone, even the most agile and stalwart, of the need to know their pressure. The awareness-raising activity is never enough and never too widespread May 17 each year it is also possible to think about how to make it even more effective by organizing moments of reflection, joint symposiums and training courses shared by North and South through the center with increasing frequency.

Investigating the relationship between Italians and their own pressure, in this case it is not the so-called tax burden, a positive trend that is important to maintain. The cases of hypertension treatment have remained essentially unchanged, while awareness and control have increased over time.

Specifically, the control of hypertension grew from 50% in 2004-2010 to 55.5% in 2011-2012, reaching 57.6% in 2013-2014. The best thing, however, is this: 60% of Italian outpatients with arterial hypertension keep the values ​​checked. 60% is a a sign of improvement compared to 2011 by not a few percentage points.

How to measure blood pressure

For the uninitiated, perhaps because he is as healthy as a fish and has never raised the problem, the most reliable device for measuring blood pressure is the sphygmomanometer. On the market there are models of all prices but the price should not be the criterion for making your choice, better get advice from the pharmacist. There is also an electric sphygmomanometer. For those who want to learn more, there is a dedicated article: "how to measure blood pressure

I also recommend this video, from the official SIIA website: in World Day against Arterial Hypertension we can find a moment to take a look. Even without taking notes.

Arterial hypertension: an application to combat it

InWorld Day against Arterial Hypertension, if you don't already know it, here's a nice discovery:Amicomed. Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure: this is also trueAmicomed, a treasure because it helps you stay healthy. It is in fact the first and only service that offers a program that helps change lifestyles, consequently reducing blood pressure values, always taking into account the preferences and possibilities of the person.

Furthermore, thanks to its sophisticated algorithm, CE marked medical device (class IIA), it is always possible to see how blood pressure is evolving. The benefits are not easy to count:Amicomed does an instant evaluation of an unlimited number of measurements and evaluates the pressure trend of the last 30 days, also storing the various data with the possibility of making a pdf to share with those who can help us interpret them. It is a perfect device for those who need to control their pressure. Furthermore, the App has been completely redesigned and will soon be released on the Apple store with truly advantageous offers, to find out more, just consult the official website.

Help, ideas and updates are always available thanks to SIIA. We have already mentioned it: it is the national and international reference point in terms of arterial hypertension. In World Day against Arterial Hypertension it is right to deepen: it was established on December 12, 1983 in Bologna just when, at the beginning of the 1980s, new classes of antihypertensive drugs had sprung up and the attention and interest of the medical world towards arterial hypertension had quickly become growing.

Since then, this organization has organized an annual Scientific Congress but every day carries out a policy of incentivizing scientific research in the field of arterial hypertension through the establishment of scholarships, funding of Scientific Research Projects, High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Prevention Journal.

Not only that: it provides important material such as guidelines, glossaries, documents on new methodologies, proposes and implements integrated projects. It is widespread thanks to the presence of its Regional Sections but at the same time it acts as an official interlocutor with the Ministry of Health for all diagnostic and therapeutic problems concerning arterial hypertension.

Since October 2006, SIIA has institutionally joined with the Italian league for the fight against arterial hypertension thus assuming the double name Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension-Italian League Against Hypertension.

Blood pressure monitor: the best you can buy online

For those wishing to celebrate the World Day against Arterial Hypertension making yourself a useful gift, here is a blood pressure monitor frequently recommended and purchasable online. Its specific characteristics can be consulted and then discussed with an expert, pharmacist or doctor, and have a useful and practical tool.

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