How to grow salad

How to grow salad

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How to grow the salad, it is almost as easy as eating it, but it is good to write down some general precautions and the particularities that the tastiest and most frequent varieties on the plate show, so that you can be sure of obtaining an excellent result. And not just for this summer. L'salad, with appropriate tools, it can also be grown all year round. This undertaking, it succeeds best we sit a eye to the moon phase before sowing.

How to grow the salad

Before learning How to grow salad,we begin to know it as a herbaceous plant and not as a menu item. It belongs to the Asteraceae (or Composite) family and has a two-year life cycle even if it is grown annually. We find sliced ​​or clumped salad, but they are both quite cultivable without too much effort.

It is more the taste that leads us to choose one or the other. If we know How to grow the salad we can then dedicate ourselves to it even at temperatures that are not too high, she wants to be in the sun, with lots of water, and she gets along easily even at temperatures that are not too high. If we take the hand, with a green thumb, now that we read How to grow salad, then we can sow it several times, after 45/60 days, to have it ready for harvesting in a gradual and continuous way.

How to grow salad in the garden

To sow our salad - before you know How to grow the salad better to make it tick - you can do a broadcast or row sowing, directly in our garden or in a seedbed and then transplanted. If we have chosen a cutting variety, it is better to broadcast as evenly as possible, if instead we have opted for the head variety, following the advice on How to grow the salad we find ourselves sowing in rows 30/40 cm apart with similar spacing between the plants to let them breathe and prevent diseases.

We cannot decide everything and we will understand it well when we ask ourselves the problem of How to grow the salad in the vegetable garden and we will find an unsuitable ground. For example, the ideal one must be very soft, light and rich in nutrients. Let's not be discouraged, however: if it is too clayey, we can add compost, also taking into account that the ideal pH is between 6/7.

When to water the salad

The sun is needed, and a lot, for the salad, and with a greenhouse or a good cloth, as anticipated, we can grow the salad all year round. As long as we remember to water it daily when the temperature drops. Not so much to avoid a sunstroke but to save our dear salad from a thermal shock that certainly does not help our exercise on How to grow salad in the garden.

If we have done things well, it is also time to reap the benefits, or rather, the salad. That by cutting it must be cut with a scissor or a knife, choosing leaves 7/10 cm high, that one from clump instead it must be treated and observed until it is ripe and then sliced ​​at the root, but then this time it doesn't grow back, unlike the first one which, leaf by leaf, fills the plate but remains in our garden. Proof that we have learned How to grow the salad

How to grow salad in pots

Why not improvise a mini garden on the balcony? Everyone can experiment How to grow the salad even those who do not have a vegetable garden. It is easy and gives us the pleasure of enjoying our vegetables at true zero km with satisfaction. Without too much expense, without queues when we shop.

Just take the normal flowerpot and put some garden land in abundance, then distribute the seeds covering them with a little more soil. Not too much, less than one cm. Before watering it, we spray the earth with a diffuser.

Knowing how to grow salad and as it grows, we wait for the seedlings to germinate, trying not to touch them and disturb them with jets of strong water: they are delicate !!! Already a few days after sowing the salad begins to grow, when it becomes about 5 or 6 fingers high we can set the table, pick it up and enjoy it.

How to grow Iceberg salad

Let's start with the seeds and learn How to grow Iceberg salad, starting about four to six weeks before the last day of frost. Prepare the starter trays with pre-moistened and sterilized soil, and place a couple of seeds in the center of each section (of the trays), gently covering with a thin layer of soil. In a week or two, with water and sunlight, they should sprout seedlings and when they have grown to 10 - 13 cm, it is time to get them used to the outside environment, but never with temperatures below 0˚C. To put the seedlings in our garden, from the trays, we identify an area with good drainage and where they are ensure 6 hours of sunshine the day.

Then prepare the holes, spaced about 25 cm apart, in rows 50 cm apart, arrange our seedlings with the help of a small spoonful of organic fertilizer or compost, to be placed in the bottom of each hole. We cover, compact and we water without soaking them, we must continue to do this every 5-10 days depending on the climate, perhaps throwing the eye to cut the outer leaves of the seedlings so that they breathe.

The hardest part of How to grow Iceberg salad, now it is necessary to keep the soil moist and not to get the seedlings to get sunburn, remove pests such as snails and slugs and then ... collect! We wait for the heads to be fully formed and firm and use a sharp knife, cutting the entire head from the base.

How to grow the escarole salad

Escarole is a biennial variety of salad like almost all, but the first year produces the head and the second the flowers and seeds, if we are learning How to grow a salad to eat it, the escarole suits us perfectly already in its first year when we will be able to collect the many rosette leaves, more compact in the heart, which make up the strain. Using all the precautions reported so far, starting from the seeds, easily purchased online for less than two euros, we get the maps. To find out if they are ready, we look at when the leaves begin to whiten a little.

How to grow valerian salad
There are few rules necessary to know How to grow valerian salad which is also delicious, to be eaten raw, in salads, alone or with other vegetables. Or to garnish other tasty dishes. This variety of salad is fully and scientifically called Valerianella Locusta, it is part of the Valerianaceace family. In Italy it also grows spontaneously has small and fleshy leaves and it is very easy to grow it in your own garden. Basically you just need to get the seeds.

Where to buy lettuce seeds

You can buy them easily Lettuce seeds onlineand we have time to plant them for 5 years. It is a salad from the Compositae family, and is often themain ingredient of salads that go so much in the summer.

How to protect the salad from parasites

To defend what we have produced in our learning how to grow salad, here are two ideas that can be used in combination or individually. Depending on our comfort and the type of attack we are experiencing.
We can mount one on our garden pest protection net. With 18 euros online you will find this excellent 2.30 x 4.25 net with which to "wrap" our salad.

Another system could be that of anti-parasite sticks which are, moreover, also fertilizers. In a 10 euro package we find 40, to be experimented easily, under the net or alone.

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