Turn the bathtub into a shower

Turn the bathtub into a shower

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Solutions to transform the bathtub into a shower: costs, concessions and all useful information.

The needs of space and pace of life morefreneticthey pushed us to abandon the old onebathtubto adopt the most compact and modernshower cabin. Also from one point of viewecologicalshower is preferred: it requires less water consumption. Among the aspects that push Italians to prefer the shower to the bathtub we also point out an easier accessibility by the elderly, obese or people with reduced motor skills who otherwise would have difficulty entering the bathtub.

To the advantages listed above, we would like to point out that the most modern shower stalls integrate a seat with a hydromassage system, very large shower columns and that, if necessary, integrate lights for chromotherapy and tanks with steam dispenser for aromatherapy. In short, the modernsshower cabinthey are able to offer the same comfort and relaxation as the bathtub plus the ease of use and compactness of the shower.

Turn the bathtub into a shower

There is no need to perform major renovations for replace the tub with the shower enclosure, this procedure is simple and can be done in no time. How to turn the bathtub into a shower? By contacting qualified personnel. There are several companies that offer this service, first of all we mention the much sponsoredRemail, but also many specialty shops inbathroom furnitureand… Leroy Merlin. How do they proceed? Each company has its own standards for the removal and disposal of the old onetuband the installation of the new oneshower traywith box and column, however in general it proceeds as follows:

  • - the old bathtub is cut and all debris is removed
    the company should issue a certificate for proper waste disposal.
  • - Any damaged drains are replaced or appropriate modifications are made to the water mains connections.
  • - A sealing layer is created which covers the surface on which thebathtub.
  • - The new shower tray is installed and the new waterproof coating is fixed to the wall.
  • - You finish by assembling the shower box and the column.

Production times vary from company to company, ifRemailguarantees completereplacement of the tub with the shower boxin a matter of hours, Leroy Merlin's technicians can take up to three days of work; in short, the timing varies from company to company.

Transforming the bathtub into a shower, intervention costs

How much does it cost to convert the bathtub into a shower?
Prices vary (and even a lot) from company to company and above all according to the shower cubicle chosen and the type of intervention. Before proceeding with the hiring of a company, it is always advisable to get more estimates and consult multiple suppliers who offer this service. For information purposes only, we tell you that Leroy Merlin offers turnkey solutions starting from 1,249 euros, the quoted price includes the products (tray, column and shower box), installation (replacement of the bathtub with the chosen products), delivery and rubble disposal.

Turn the bathtub into a shower, tax deductions

Is the replacement of the bathtub with a shower cubicle to be considered an intervention allowed for access to the furniture bonus or renovation bonus?

The Revenue Agency is clear on this point: the replacement of individual bathroom fixtures (in particular, in this case, the bathtub in favor of the shower cubicle) CANNOT access the tax deductions provided for by the renovation bonus (or furniture bonus) because intended as a single ordinary maintenance intervention. The only condition to be able to replace the bathtub and install the shower cubicle using the tax deductions is to proceed with the complete overhaul of the bathroom plumbing systems with new materials; only in this way will you be able to enjoy the 50% IRPEF deductions.

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