Brussels Griffon: breeding and price

Brussels Griffon: breeding and price

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Brussels Griffon, a companion dog so close to man that he seems human, looking at his lively, proud and bold expression, he comes from Belgium. The name suggests it and it would seem unquestionable, however, as we will see, there are other nations that have complained about its origin, questioning the mix that lies behind this highly regarded breed. Appreciated but not very widespread. It's worth reading though, knowing we can hear him calling Griffon Bruxellois or Brusels Griffontje if we cross the Italian border.

Brussels Griffon: standards and origins

The investigations to search for the origins of the Brussels Griffon. The most probable hypothesis, which is the one that decrees the name, is that this dog together with the Belgian Griffon and al Little Brabant comes from a small wire-haired dog always from the Brussels area and called "Smousje ".

The current breed is the result of mixing and crossbreeding that occurred later and which made these three breeds different from each other: towards the nineteenth century the Smousje was crossed with the King Charles Spaniel, influential in the forms, and with the Carlino that he gave to Brussels Griffon the hair black and short.

At our time Brussels Griffon it was commonly used both to defend the stables from the appropriate and very harmful rodents, as well as to guard the carriages. The first standard dates back to 1883, when this breed appears in Book of Origins St. Hubert, then looking at the 1900s, the Brussels Griffon began to know success.

Having tasted the popularity and thrill of being a little famous, at least at home, at least for a few decades, then this dog had to downsize its ego and settle for a modest spread like the one we can see today. Among the fans of the Brussels Griffon however it remains to remember the Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium.

Brussels Griffon: characteristics

It has all the characteristics of the perfect companion dog for the ladies Brussels Griffon which, although lively, remains manageable, being small in size. The weight usually varies between 3.5 and 6Kg.

In scale, but it is a dal dog robust and compact physique, with a structure that is not squat but elegant and reassuring. It is not a skeleton, even if small it has its own reason, so much so that it was very good at chasing away rodents.

Wide and deep, the trunk is connected to limbs of medium length, proportionate and ending with short and rounded feet with black pads and nails which accompany the Brussels Griffon in its regular and rhythmic gait.

The tail of this dog is carried raised, passing to the head it is quite wide and particular in shape because it is rounded and with a rounded forehead. The dentition is noticeable because the lower jaw protrudes more than the upper one.

The hair appears to the touch pleasant, smooth and full-bodied.

The ears are not showy even if erect, the eyes, on the other hand, are almost disproportionate in size compared to the body, they are very large and moreover round, distant from each other and protruding, decorated with long and black lashes.

As for the hair of the Brussels Griffon, appears to the touch pleasant, smooth and full-bodied. Always to the eye, it is almost totally reddish, apart from the mustache and the longer tufts on the chin which can also be blackish.

Brussels Griffon: puppies

Since he was a puppy, the Brussels Griffon it has always been used in stables to keep rodents away. While this little dog did his duty, without his knowledge, neighboring countries and did not fight to win the nomination of homeland of the breed. Belgium, which has had the upper hand so far, argues that Pug is King Charles Spaniel have contributed in making it so today, indisputably Belgian, citizen of Brussels.

There are those like Great Britain, however, who think very differently: no one will ever convince the British of the fact that the Brussels Griffon does not derive from the crossing of the "Yorkshire terrier"With the" Carlino ". They are not the only ones to have their own theory of origins, even the Germans defend their version no less insistently: according to them in the DNA of the Brussels Griffon there is the hand of their "Affenpinscher”.

Today the puppies of the Brussels Griffon are little known and in demand: as well as in Belgium we can hope to find some in our country as well as in France, Holland and the United States.

Brussels Griffon: character

Outstanding in its own determination and recklessness, this dog has a character that makes him a great even if the size is what it is. Endowed with a rare spirit of independence but at the same time morbidly attached to his master, the Brussels Griffon it needs, demands and desires the utmost attention. At the center, he wants to be and does everything to make this happen, from a certain point of view he also deserves it.

Small as he is, he always proves to be courageous and capable of doing everything to defend us, the house, the properties we entrust to him. On the one hand it is tenderness, on the other it evokes a strong sense of respect because it is loyal and decisive. Loyal, as a guardian, but also as a companion, also perfect in the apartment and with elderly people.

Brussels Griffon: breeding

Although not a very popular dog, the Brussels Griffon is raised in at least a dozen realities scattered across the country from north to south. The ENCI website indicates exactly 10, of which three are in Lazio - two near the capital and one in the province of Viterbo - and two in Liguria: one in the Genoese area and the other in the province of Imperia. The other 5 farms that ENCI considers okay are scattered among Piedmont (Novara), Sicily (Palermo), Lombardy (Milan), Emilia Romagna (Parma) and Calabria (Cosenza).

L'Ruselodser breeding, located in Davignano in province of Novara, specializes in the breeding of Brussels Griffons, Belgian Griffons and Small Brabantines.
Managed by the doctor of biology Liudmila Serova, FCI judge for English bulldog & boxer breeds, the Ruselodser kennel offers puppies bred with love and competence, so as to ensure future owners the purchase of the ideal 4-legged friend.

Dr. Liudmila with some specimens of Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon: price

The indicative price of a copy of Brussels Griffon is 1,500 euros but from time to time it can change. We have 10 farms that you can contact to find out more. In the meantime it is in my opinion very useful to inquire about who they are most common defects of the breed.

I begin to indicate a few: brown or light truffles, spots of white hair, colors not allowed by the standard, non-standard sizes, hanging tongue. You can discover the others on the official ENCI website where the complete and official standard of a non-show dog is also available, purely, but who knows how to make himself at home precious and lovable. Except from rodents.

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