World Friendship Day

World Friendship Day

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World Friendship Day, the July 30, in the middle of the summer holidays, perhaps to have all the time and no excuse to spend it entirely with the people closest to us. Not relatives, but simply, beautifully, sometimes casually, friends. Did you know of the existence of this World Friendship Day? It is not yet very well known but with social networks and a little marketing, inevitable, it will soon gain share, equaling the fame of Valentine's Day.

Friendship Day

There World Friendship Day does not exclude anyone: if that of lovers, fathers and mothers, grandparents, or women, always leaves someone with a bitter taste in their mouth, who has no friends in this world? Of course, sometimes in desperation of the moment, there is someone who finds himself thinking that he has to spend the World Friendship Day without anyone near, but he will find, looking closely, at his side, a person with whom he has, or can enter into, a relationship to be called friendship and to celebrate in the World Friendship Day next year.

World Friendship Day: when it is celebrated

It was the UN in 2011 that established the World Friendship Day, scheduling it on July 30. A date dedicated to one of the most important bonds in people's lives could not be missing at all and must be lived with an open mind, remembering that this exclusive emotional bond, however precious it is, is to be understood in an inclusive way, in the sense of welcoming.

In World Friendship Day there is no one better or truer than the other, there are no categories, each one knows for himself who and how to celebrate, whether it is a relationship between two individuals of the same or opposite sex, peers or not, geographically distant or lifelong roommates. There World Friendship Day has no enemies, if you can't find the words to say it, here are some phrases about friendship that make the idea.

World Friendship Day 2018: initiatives

Initiatives flock to the World Friendship Day and also this year, the sixth year, many clubs, restaurants and bars, but also many "participated squares" have organized themselves to offer fun opportunities and spend pleasant moments with the people closest to us. The friendship dish, the ice cream taste of friendship, very different from the Smurf, but also from pistachio, the friendship cocktail and so on.

Since this is a very "personalized" bond, there are no clichés to respect, on the contrary, I invite you to break that of the bouquet of flowers just for love. Do you know that there are flowers of friendship? You can find out by reading my article "Flower of friendship"And surprise.

Friendship: meaning

I'm not much for theorizing friendship, I prefer to celebrate it and not only in World Friendship Day, but an interesting study by Chapman University in recent times wanted to investigate this heritage of humanity. He had confirmation that it is a fundamental element, for one good quality of life, indeed, it often also helps other sectors, such as work and family, not to mention health.

By questioning over 25,000 Americans with an average age of 42 in this regard, he concluded that it is worthwhile to establish the World Friendship Day and to celebrate it even as you get older, not just when you are at school or with thelittle friend of the heart.

Friendship: famous phrases and poems

Almost like for the feast of lovers, and for Christmas, there are numerous phrases and aphorisms about friendship. Leaving aside the most popular, here are some of them, not before recommending a movie to watch in World Friendship Day – “Almost friends “Intouchables“, A 2011 French film by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. And a short soundtrack with “I trust you” (Jovanotti) and “Friends” by Led Zeppelin.

Now, here are some enlightening phrases to share with friends on July 30:

As rare as true love is, it is less rare than true friendship.(F. de La Rochefoucauld)

A friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself.(Frances Ward Weller)

I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does it much better.(Plutarch)

Friends are relatives you choose for yourself.(Eustache Deschamps)

The bird makes a nest, the spider a web, man a friendship.(William Blake)

The friends that matter are the ones who can be called at 4am.(Marlene Dietrich)

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