How to clean the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine

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How to clean the washing machine: explaining it seems almost a paradox. Clean what cleans? Yes, because the dear washing machine, an ally of many citizens, for years and years now, increasingly technological and often with a low environmental impact, needs to be washed. Not like she does our clothes. It takes technique, there are many, but only a few are natural and at the same time effective. Here are the most used and, if they are, there will be a reason.

In fact, it is not trivial to be able to deeply clean the washing machine in a natural way, but the "grandmother's remedies", assuming that the grandmother in question had the washing machine, are often the best. They do not leave bad smells they do not allow limescale and dirt deposits to build up on the laundry, they respect all parts of the appliance and also the parts of the human body that work to clean it. Like our hands.

The ingredients to do this magic, to learn How to clean the washing machine, they are white vinegar, baking soda, and lavender essential oil. Elbow grease is not needed, just a little cunning, good will and a little time, but not too much. It is therefore quick and practical to start learning How to clean the washing machine in an eco-friendly way, minimizing the impact on the environment!

If you are still wondering why on earth you should be interested in How to clean the washing machine, be clear that if it is not perfectly clean and sanitized, it will not forever make your laundry as perfectly clean as the first day you met it. A correct maintenance of the washing machine with low environmental impact methods it's good for us, for the appliance, for the clothes, and for those who put themselves in the shoes of the next generation to whom we can leave a cleaner world.

How to clean the washer seal

One of the most annoying parts of the washing machine if found dirty, which really puts you in a bad mood, is the gasket. In addition to being "dangerous" because it can shorten the period of resistance, so we will then have to change it more frequently if we pretend not to see how it is tanned.

Better to learn How to clean the washing machine also in the part of the seal that is satisfied with being passed with a brush during normal washing of the washing machine. It only takes a few minutes all by itself in which we take the trouble to make sure that the natural potion we are already using, continues its cleaning action on the seal, even in its most "intimate" parts.

How to clean the washing machine that stinks

When it comes to understanding How to clean the washing machine that smells usually we are all more careful because the bad smell makes everyone more sensitive to the subject. And it is inevitable to hear it when we are forgetting to keep our appliance with porthole well. It's simple and it's not a thing to do every two by three. Once a month is fine, for hygienists, once every 20 days. There is an empty washing cycle to be carried out with White vinegar pouring it directly into the basket.

Then take 2 liters of white vinegar and dilute them in water, choose a fairly long washing program at a temperature above 60 degrees by adding a spoonful of baking soda if we consider it convenient and necessary. It is an optional step and serves to enhance the degreasing effect of the vinegar. There is no need to fear that the'Smell of vinegar, not loved by everyone, stays for days and days, disappears at the first wash but in order not to be anxious, we can remove any suspicion with a few drops of lavender essential oil. And make sure not only that we understand How to clean the washing machine but also of having made it fragrant.

How to clean the washing machine filter

The washing machine filter is not to be overlooked at all and thinking about what the filter does it is easy to understand why. At least once a month, therefore, we assume that the filter must be rinsed by putting it under running water and holding a toothbrush in order not to leave out the most stubborn encrustations. For those wishing to obtain a perfect filter, you can read the article "How to clean the washing machine filter”, Obviously in a super green way.

Clean the washing machine in a natural way: the vinegar and the baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are, it is now clear, our couple of heroes in How to clean the washing machine. Usually, this is done by first filling the basket with hot water and then adding the vinegar. TOclass of white wine. After having run the washing machine for a few minutes, we can leave it on pause for about 40 minutes and then restart the program making it continue as if nothing had happened.

Obviously it's simple but not that much, to know How to clean the washing machine: its removable parts must be treated individually and carefully, some more than others. Those that demand and need an ad hoc cleaning gesture are for example detergent compartments: it is there that the detergent can create limescale accumulations and encrustations. No impossible feat: he is always soaking in hot water and vinegar for a few hours - and even the tubs will shine. With more baking soda.

How to clean the washing machine from limescale

Limestone is a typical enemy of the washing machine and of those who like us want to be green even when they learn How to clean the washing machine. And if we live in an area with particularly hard water, with a lot of calcium carbonate, then we well know that this limestone is a nightmare. Here's how to get rid of it: with vinegar, baking soda and a limescale magnet.

Let's take the first "ingredient" e let's put a small amount in the softener detergent compartment, about half a liter should be put in the drum instead. At this point, just start the wash, at 60 degrees, obviously without clothes inside. If you find all this trivial or surreal, believe us: if we proceed with constancy, this banality will be a winning gesture. If we want to be prudent, or disbelievers, add a teaspoon of baking soda, every time or every other time: it will help to descale the washing machine.

How to clean the washing machine door

As with other parts of the washing machine, even the door is one of those that requires time and a specific gesture to be dedicated to it. Nothing too tiring but you need the toothbrush already used for gaskets and more: it is also useful for carefully cleaning the door, even in the most difficult corners of the door.

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