Aloe vera, uses and benefits for the skin

Aloe vera, uses and benefits for the skin

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Aloe vera, uses and benefits for the skin. How to use aloe vera to have a well-groomed, nourished and flawless-looking skin!

The aloe gel vera can be easily extracted from the leaves, plus aloe is a very resistant and simple plant to grow. Nothing stops you from growing a couple of potted aloe vera plants to have your best skin beauty remedy close at hand!

For some advice on growing aloe vera in pots, we invite you to read our guidehow to grow aloe vera at home. On this page we will see allbenefitsthat aloe exerts on the skin, its uses and its ownproperty.

Aloe vera, properties and benefits for the skin

The gel extracted from the aloe leaves is a wonderful ingredient for the natural care ofskin. The chemical composition of the aloe gel fits perfectly with the needs of our epidermis, in fact, only on the skin, the aloe gel performs the following property:

  • cicatrizing,
  • refreshing,
  • soothing,
  • moisturizers,
  • antiseptics,
  • anti-renting.

Thealoe gelit can also be a good natural remedy for hair care, especially for those with dry, brittle hair or those with dandruff problems.

Aloe vera, how to use it to heal the skin

Thanks to its multipleproperty,theusesof aloe vera for skin care are just as numerous. Below we list 8 uses and do-it-yourself remedies that will allow you to heal the skin and make it brighter thanks to the aloe gel.

Aloe vera gel, you use:

  • - As an after sun
    Thanks to its refreshing and moisturizing properties, the aloe gel can be applied to soothe sunburn, sunburn and as a classic after-sun after prolonged exposure to UV rays.
  • - As a soothing
    In case of irritation, atopic dermatitis or other dermatological problems such as psoriasis, aloe vera gel can give you relief.
  • - As a natural remedy against insect bites
    It can relieve redness and soothe itching. In case of mosquito bites, to relieve the itching, just apply a few drops of aloe vera gel directly on the small bubble caused by the insect's sucking.
  • – To moisturize the skin
    If you suffer from dry skin, aloe vera gel is a great remedy! Those with dry skin should learn to drink more while moisturizing their skin with topical products. Thanks to its chemical composition, aloe vera can be used on the body as well as on the skin of the face.
  • - For an anti-aging effect
    Those who want to rejuvenate the skin of the face can take advantage of the relaxing effect of aloe. The aloe gel stretches the skin and makes it brighter, this does not mean that it eliminates wrinkles only it makes them less visible temporarily. You can apply it on the face, even in delicate areas such as around the eyes or lips.
  • – Remedy for irritated and chapped hands
    Cold, humidity, chemical detergents, atmospheric agents ... there are many risk factors that threaten the health of your hands. Aloe vera will help protect your hands from cracking by giving you one back skinmore cared for, protected and hydrated.
  • - Post-depilation and shaving gel
    The soothing properties can also be used after hair removal or after shaving. Reduces redness and soothes skin irritated by razor or wax.
  • - Natural scrub for face and body
    By combining aloe vera, olive oil, brown sugar and salt, you can obtain a compound useful for eliminating dead cells, impurities and regenerating the skin. Useful for preventing blackheads.
  • - As a natural anti-dandruff for hair care
    The aloe vera gel has several benefits for the hair as well. If you have dry and brittle hair, aloe vera gel will help nourish it. It is a very effective remedy against dandruff, many shampoos on the market are intact, among the ingredients they see aloe gel. How to use it? Apply the aloe gel by massaging the scalp, let it act before doing the classic shampoo.

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