Whippet: character and price

Whippet: character and price

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Whippet, belonging to the group of Greyhounds, it is a quick and friendly dog. In Italy there are many, hundreds and hundreds, but we don't always realize it, if we meet it, because it is very easy to exchange it for a reduced version of the "Greyhound". Let's see why, and why it isn't.

Whippet: standard

This dog can be considered of medium size, the male specimens for the standard they must measure at the withers from 47 to 51 cm, females a little less. Both have evident muscular power and enviable strength but as they are made, they manage at the same time to express elegance and grace. It is certainly not for everyone and that is why it is Whippet is quite successful, in our country as elsewhere. It was "designed" to be a champion of speed and suitable for work.

Its constitution is proof of this, starting from the very high and wide chest, with a broad, solid and somewhat long back. The ribs in fit and properly bred specimens are also muscular. There whippet head, besides being pretty nice, is long and thin, the skull looks flat but has a light stop and powerful jaws, the final nose is black, always and only.

Then the ears appear: they are rose-shaped and small, the eyes instead have an oval shape and they express vivacity and intelligence. The tail of this dog has no fringes and must not have them, according to the official standard: it is long and often carried slightly curved, never above the back.

Whippet: character

The muzzle is nice, and as a dog it actually is Whippet is in all respects adorable, it is also an ideal companion for families, but especially for those who are sporty. In addition to his athletic performance, the temperament of this greyhound should also be appreciated, which, unlike other colleagues, is sweet, balanced and affectionate.

At home, with those he knows, he is patient and calm, even if he runs very fast and has sharp eyesight, if he can relax and enjoy home comforts, he is not at all sorry, quite the opposite! He immediately and intensely becomes attached to his masters, is not hostile to strangers who arrive in the house and has a balanced character therefore excellent even if it coexists with children.

Whippet: farms

On the ENCI website they are listed as officially certified, well over 30 Whippet farms, located in various regions, from North to south. The areas where there are more are there Lombardy, with 8 addresses that Whippet fans can visit, and then Piedmont with 6 and Veneto and Lazio tied in third place with 5 ENCI certified farms. On the official website of the institution, simply consult the breed sheet by selecting the search for farms to find out what's more comfortable or nice.

Whippet: puppies

The puppies of Whippet they are as delicious as when they become adults. They want to run because they were born to be fast, but they are equally happy to be comfortable in our homes, with the comforts of family life. As a breed, this was born in the north of England, from the desire to a group of Northumberland miners who devoted themselves to bets on dog racing for fun, just to spend some free time outdoors.

So they launched dogs in pursuit of wild rabbits, looking for the best breed and thereby creating it Whippet. However, today's puppies, far from knowing this story, do not dream of chasing any rabbit, but they are sweet and affectionate next to us. They don't require much care and they obey commands.

Dwarf Whippet

There is also one dwarf version of the Whippet but it is not official and not even a separate race. There is only one Whippet and it was obtained by crossing small terriers with "Greyhound"And with"Little Italian Greyhounds”.

This is one of the theories on the origin, but the miners have not left any documents so there are also those who argue that the Whippet is the result of a cross between the “Bedlington Terrier" and the "Manchester Terrier", or between a greyhound and the now disappeared "English Old White". The mystery therefore remains about the formula of the breed but it was nevertheless registered by the Kennel Club of London in 1892.

Blue Whippet

In addition to the dwarf one, there is also one Whippet with the blue cloak. Which is a gray, in reality, but blue is said. If we find it, we are quite lucky, because it is not one of the most common colors for this dog which can be of any color. The standard admits them all, single color and even in strange combinations. The hair, to the touch, is fine, and is always short and compact, the skin is attached to the body and does not form folds.

Whippet: prices

For a puppy of Whippet the price can start from approx 600 euros and increase. It depends on the areas in which we look for it, in Italy it is a rather widespread dog and in the last decade the population of the Obs has only increased. It has gone from 300 to 500 and over specimens.

It is a known breed and widespread all over the world, it is used both in sports and as a companion dog, in family. Then there are those who make him participate in running competitions as he has always done, amusing the English miners. In addition to Italy it is widespread also in Great Britain, France, the U.S.A., in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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