DHL Express: sustainable excellence

DHL Express: sustainable excellence

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DHL Express, a special service of its own and which becomes even more special for the food sector with the formula designed ad hoc "For Food". A natural evolution, one would say, in a country like Italy rich in flavors known all over the world and envied.

Envied and desired, for which DHL Express has taken the trouble to make the transport of the excellence of Made in Italy more practical, fast and environmentally friendly, whether it is food at room temperature, or products at controlled temperature.

Aimed at producers and distributors in the food sector, DHL Express for Food is a service that is attentive not only to what it delivers but also to the environment in which it moves. Eat miles to feed gourmets, it does so quickly but also with a view to social responsibility and sustainable development, contributing to the protection of the ecosystem as well as to the good name of food made in Italy.

DHL Express for Food: what it is

The main features of DHL Express for Food that make it useful but above all unique are numerous, among the first that catch the eye is the timeliness of which DHL is already a champion. Also for the food sector this service is highly reliable, it ensures deliveries in 24/48 hours in Italy and in the world even if it is entrusted with delicate products such as vegetables and fruit.

Another point by no means negligible for those who look at DHL Express for Food by manufacturer or distributor is the capillarity with which it makes deliveries, all thanks to its well-established and developed network. And in the case of deliveries that require particular attention, it is possible to activate a dedicated monitoring service.

The quality of transport, in terms of hygiene and health is guaranteed - DHL Express adopts the self-control manual based on the HACCP system - and identically from the point of view of safety and reliabilityyou can rest assured. Not out of trust “on the word” or out of optimism, but because it puts its hand in the fire RINA SERVICE, a RINA company that provides classification, certification, testing and inspection services for safe food transport.

DHL Express for Food can carry non-highly perishable food, while perishable ones can be entrusted to this service with the foresight to request a particular monitoring, so that in case of unforeseen events, a team is ready to intervene by facilitating the shipment. For the more caring, there is also the possibility of go online and follow your products as they travel to their destination, receiving real-time updates on their location.

With DHL Express for Food A wide range of packaging is also available for those foods that are more sensitive to temperature variations, so you can choose the one that can guarantee the maintenance of the optimal climatic condition so that the quality is not compromised.

It is therefore a service that responds at 360 degrees to the needs and concerns of those who have to ship food products, many are already aware of this, including Biosì who chose DHL to get all Italians their own fresh fruit, organic, much appreciated precisely because it is free of artificial preservatives. An excellence that cannot be entrusted "to the first one who transports".

Go Green Climate Neutral: DHL's commitment to protect the environment

As mentioned, DHL Express for Food in addition to protecting what it carries, it is also careful not to harm the environment. For this purpose, there is a service to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions generated by your shipments and then "offset" them by developing reforestation and use of alternative energy projects, in Italy and in the world.

An independent body accredited by World Bank acts as a guarantor of this green gesture by certifying that all of the above happens, year by year. The commitment of DHL Express for the environment it's not over: trip after trip we always try to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the vehicles used personally by the company but also by those of the suppliers.

Speaking of vehicles, it must also be said that more than 8,500 of those in use are powered by propulsion systems and alternative fuels. The pro-environment action of DHL Express it is not only technological and logistic but also human and translates into training and awareness programs aimed at employees.

Who is DHL

It is the world leader in international express transport with a green heart, DHL Express, for those who have not yet noticed and were not convinced. The heart, in addition to being attentive to the environment, is also open to welcoming those who work hard with a view to environmental sustainability and innovation, or both, and by this I mean start up, for example, or of entrepreneurs who look to new and courageous horizons.

To them and their fellow men DHL Express dedicates particular attention and increasingly targeted services, aware that it will be reality in this way to develop strategies for a green, fast and safe future. Like the service DHL for Food itself, to be explored on official site

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