Grillotalpa, natural and non-natural remedies

Grillotalpa, natural and non-natural remedies

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Grillotalpa, remediesnatural and not to effectively eliminate the grillotalpa from the vegetable garden and the garden. The damage it causes and how to identify it in the fields.

Until recently, thegrillotalpait was considered a real scourge of the vegetable garden and fields. The grillotalpa causes irreparable damage to the soil and crops but today its diffusion is limited following the growing populations of corvids.

Trigger mole, damage

The presence of the grillotalpa in the garden is evident from a series of visible damage right away. The damage caused by the passage of the grillotalpa is greater the greater the number of specimens that populate the garden.

If there are few specimens, the damage is limited to the nibbling of the crop but in the event of a massive and continued attack the crops can be completely devoured.

There are collateral damage: the presence of grillotalpa favors the appearance of diseases such as bacterial rot or other fungal diseases because damaged plants become more exposed to diseases.

The grillotalpa prefers humid soils, rich in organic matter and humus ... practically the most fertile ones! Dig shallow tunnels causing damage to the soil and crops.

Thegrillotalpa, moving just below the surface of the ground, it digs tunnels and prefers to feed on the underground organs of plants. It prefers fleshy roots such as radishes, carrots, turnips, beets, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes…. but it is quite ravenous so it can raid other cultivars present in the garden.

Grillotalpa, how to eliminate it

Generally, we advise you not to eliminate insects from the garden, even when they feed on your crops, however, for the grillot mole the situation changes. The grillotalpa can irreparably damage crops and its treatment must be carried out over the long term.

Why do remedies to eliminate grillotalpa need to be implemented over the long term? Simple, because of the larvae!
Farmers often complain that the grillotalpas return after a few years ... in reality they never left that land!

The fight with bait, once started, must go on for three years at least because the larvae that hatch from the eggs laid in the ground take two years to become adults and reproduce in the spring of the third year! This means that the problem can occur every other year!

Keep in mind that the female mole can lay up to 300 eggs. The eggs are laid in a spherical chamber of compact earth, a nest that the female herself prepares underground.

Remember that if you are using poisoned bait, you must remove the grill mole from the trap as it could be ingested by corvids or other birds and poison them in turn.

To learn more you can read our article dedicated to explaining how to eliminate the grillotalpa.

Grillotalpa, how to catch it

In our guide article titled “Coma remove the grillotalpa "we have given you several ideas to stem the problem, the first remedy of all is the setting up of a trap to catch this insect parasite from the garden.

Grillotalpa, remedies

Biological control is a useful remedy if it is carried out by attracting insectivorous natural predatory birds of the grillot mole to the garden. Biological fight with nematodes is recommended in case of damage by the grillotalpa on soccer or tennis courts with natural grass. For other details on biological control, we refer once again to the articlehow to remove the grillotalpa.

Trap against the grillotalpa

There is a very effective strategy to use poison baits. Sprinkle the garden so as to draw the grillotalpa to the surface and then place the poisoned bait in piles on the ground, protected by a tile.

The baits are placed in dissected plastic bottles: you have to cut the top of the bottle and sink it into the ground until the edge of the bottle reaches the ground. Then, cover the area of ​​the bottle with a tile or a tile so as to prevent irrigation water from entering or the dead mole poisoned by the bait can be ingested by insectivorous birds.

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