Lily of the valley: flowers, cultivation and meaning

Lily of the valley: flowers, cultivation and meaning

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Thrush, fragrant and nice flower, excellent even if not classic, for bridal bouquets, ingredient for natural remedies and guest of our gardens. It is by no means easy to grow but is still very popular in gardens because it blooms beautifully and giving off a unique scent. In fact it is also used in the field of cosmetics even if it is poisonous in all its parts. The scientific name of the Lily of the Valley is Convallaria.

Lily of the valley: the flower

The lily of the valley flower sprouts in spring on a stem that grows between two leaves. More than a flower, we must talk about flowers, because they appear in a group, in white, with a classic bell shape. They have an intense fragrance and it is impossible not to notice the dark birth.

Looking closer we can see that each flower has six small lobes, folded outwards. In the summer, small round fruits are born from the flowers, not white but of a lively red and which guard dark seeds. For lily of the valley, intended as a plant, there are four species but those that are cultivated on an agricultural level are the Majalis and the Japonica, the first reaches even 20 cm in height.

The leaves in all species have one characteristic oval shape elongated, they always appear paired and have a very light green color that delicately approaches the white flowers. Usually white, yes, but on the market you can also find pink ones.

Lily of the valley: cultivation

As I wanted to premise, in order not to create illusions to the little green thumbs, the Lily of the valley is not an easy plant to grow but the good thing is that it knows how to self-disseminate and expand through the roots, managing to make room for itself. He arranges, to blossom then, handsomely.

He prefers shady locations or semi-shaded, fresh and bright enough, it does not suffer much from the cold but must be watered very regularly, without ever exaggerating. The best ground for the Thrush it is calcareous, soft and rich in humus. As a perennial plant, native to Asia, is not a victim of parasites or diseases, not in a particular way, at least, and even the insects rarely bother him except towards the spring, in moderation, the snails or the slugs.

Lily of the valley: flowering

The flower, we have already known it, but to admire it in real life, it is necessary to wait for the flowering period which lasts a maximum of one month and begins in late spring. Already in mid-summer there are fruits instead of flowers, and seeds by the end of the season are ready for the generation of Thrush next one.

Thrush: meaning

Let's start with the down to earth and real meaning of the real name of this flower: Convallaria. This term derives from the Latin "convallis" and refers to the habitat of origin of this plant. In fact, our Lily of the Valley grows and lives in the alpine valleys, spontaneously, and it is found comfortable in areas where temperatures are cool and he has positions to occupy which are shaded until the end of spring.

Turning to the legendary side of this flower, it is said that the lilies of the valley are the Virgin's tears shed under the cross, also in some regions of France it is customary to carry a sprig of Thrush in the buttonhole the first day of May to welcome the beautiful flower season.

Lily of the valley for the bride

Self Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton they chose a bridal bouquet with lilies of the valley, does this mean it is permissible to do so? I don't know, in any case it is a flower that fits well even in the company of other colleagues more accustomed to ceremonies such as the rose or the calla lilies.

Nobody forbids us to choose one single flower bouquet with lilies of the valley, completed with a simple satin ribbon of the same color as the dress but you can also opt for pairs of flowers. For example, we can associate it with the rose but I prefer it bridal bouquet with lilies of the valley and orange flowers or with pink tulips.

Thrush: natural remedies

In addition to numerous cosmetic products, this flower, both in pink and in white, can be used both in medicine and in homeopathy. They are usually attributed to it cardiotonic and stimulating properties for the digestive organs.

Lily of the valley: perfume for women

The scent of Lily of the Valley it is intense, it can only involve and involve us, it must please and if so we can try the white lily of the valley perfume Laurence Dumont: whoever meets us will hardly forget us and will associate us with white and spring.

Fragrant oil of lily of the valley

For those who do not want to have such a strong and intense fragrance on but love to live in a flowery environment every month of the year, there is theLily of the Valley oil, a few euros and transforms the house into a perpetually spring garden.

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