Snowshoe cat: character and breeding

Snowshoe cat: character and breeding

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Snowshoe Cat, from the United States as in many other cases, this beautiful breed also comes, similar to the Siamese but well recognizable. It is quite different in character, much more accommodating, and even at first glance you immediately understand that you are dealing with a cat not of that breed. The Snowshoe cat it is less slender and has some white spots, usually placed on the legs or lower limbs. It is therefore no coincidence that this cat is called "Snowshoe", wearing white shoes everyday.

Snowshoe cat: characteristics

With its short hair, adherent as if it were a suit, if we drew it like a cartoon, the Snowshoe cat he has a medium-sized body, the maximum weight for males is 6 kg but females do not often exceed 4.5 kg. The body of this feline is slender and not particularly tall, muscular but without exaggerating. He cannot be defined as an athlete cat even if, being a cat, he makes his leaps and shots. If we don't make him obese by treating him like garbage with paws. This applies to all domestic cats but in particular there are some breeds that tend to vacuum clean at the table or under the table. It is in these contexts that you can really recognize a good boss from a distracted master or ... selfish? Convenient for the cat to clean the crumbs under the table and dispose of the leftovers from dinner, but will it be good for him? Let's ask ourselves.

The head of the Snowshoe cat it is slightly wedge-shaped but not sharp, on the contrary, with soft lines, the ears stick out at the top and in the center, with rounded tips, the eyes instead are very far apart and oval, always blue, whatever color the hair has. Oval like the eyes, also the legs, tend to be small, while the tail has an average length and tapers towards the top. The hair besides being short, is soft and free of undercoat, but we'll talk about it shortly and better.

Snowshoe cat: character

If we try to imagine a middle ground between the pretentiousSiamese and the more patient e American short-haired, here is the character of the Snowshoe Cat, perfect for being part of a family with children. Compared to the Siamese, in fact, it is less demanding and overbearing, and then meows much less making it more welcome at home. It is a very affectionate animal that seeks contact with people, wants to stay in the room with us and "cuddles" us, welcomes and keeps us company willingly, without disturbing too much.

He is lively and playful, he does not lose the pleasure of playing even when he gets older, and if there are other animals in the house, he makes friends, even if they are dogs and not other felines like him. The only way to be hated by a Snowshoe cat is to wake him up when he sleeps, but ... how to blame him?

Snowshoe cat: breeding

In Italy it is not one very widespread breed but not even impossible to find, there are some farms of not exaggerated size, which you can turn to even just to start informing us. One is, for example, the Del Doge amateur kennel in Breda di Piave, but online you can search for neighbors in your area. I also recommend that you ask a veterinarian or associations to direct you to certified farms.

In Italy it will be a bit difficult to find this cat but the first breeding of Snowshoe cat date back to the 1960s, this breed was born as imaginable, crossing Siamese (Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac) e American short-haired Bi and Tricolor.

Snowshoe cat: kittens

The puppies of Snowshoe cat they have the particularity of being born white and then becoming the final color after more than a couple of weeks. What does ultimate color mean? There isn't one but we have a choice, among the Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac varieties, that is the classic colors of the Siamese. The officially recognized coat types are that Mitted and that Two-tone.

The first is characterized by a extended white background for about a third of the body, including the chin, while the nose can also be dark or spotted, they also have a white collar or white hair on the chest and in the ventral area, the legs must not be totally white. In Bicolor version the Snowshoe Cat it is more extended, reaches the whole muzzle which shows the characteristic inverted V-shaped mask.

Snowshoe cat: price

The price of a copy of Snowshoe cat to adopt and grow can vary a lot depending on availability and the period but in general is not less than 600 euros. When you bring home a specimen of this beautiful breed it is necessary to take care of it not only with love but also with some practical gestures even if it does not require extremely tiring ones.

Just remember to brush it once a week and to comb him with a fine-toothed comb, to clean his ears from time to time and to trim his nails so that playing does not destroy the sofas of the house.

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