Garlic, flower and plant

Garlic, flower and plant

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Garlic, flower and plant: cultivation of ornamental garlic. Giant garlic flowers and the most beautiful varieties to grow in the garden.

When we talk about the genreAllium, we refer to more than 500 different species and varieties. Those like that allium they are all herbaceous perennial plants and only a few are edible. They belong to the family ofLiliaceae, the same as wisteria and many other bulbous plants with splendid flowers.

Betweenallium, the most popular plant is Allium sativum, that is the common and edible garlic but there are many others that can be grown for ornamental purposes and that offer aflowervery decorative.

Garlic, flower

The best known inflorescence of garlic is the "ball" one, with variable color ranging from violet to pink, from blue to white and from orange to yellow. In its vegetative cycle, garlic thrives during the winter only underground where the bulb rests and prepares to produce new stems, leaves and flowers.

Depending on the species, the bulbs can be single or numerous, small or swollen, oval or rounded…. Some can even be linked to a rhizome as in the case of Allium victorialis. Among the species of the genus Allium there are no invasive ones, in this case it will be necessary to periodically check the bulbs and thin them in order to avoid an invasive multiplication.

Ornamental garlic

As stated, the best known garlic flower has a spherical shape and is characterized by a lively color that can be of different varieties. The globular shape is not the only one for the garlic flowers:some varieties see bell-shaped flowers, six-petaled flowers or sunburst inflorescences.

Who intendsgrow ornamental garliche is spoiled for choice, indeed, he can choose based on the characteristics of the terrain of his garden. Someto ornamentalthey prefer to thrive in cool, humid and shady parts of the garden. Othersto ornamentalthey prefer to thrive in dry, warm soils and grow well in gardens in southern Italy, preferably planted in sunny or partially sunny areas.

L'ornamental garlicit can be grown, with great satisfaction, both in the ground and in pots. Cultivation in pots or in flower beds can follow the directions and advice seen in the article dedicated to the management offlower beds of bulbous plants. Amongto ornamental, the more rustic varieties can be left in the ground for years and obtain, spring after spring, a splendid flowering.

Here is what varieties ofornamental garlicgrow in the garden:

  • Allium carinatum -commonly known as witches garlic
  • Allium lusitanicum -commonly known as mountain garlic
  • Allium narcissiflorum -commonly known as Piedmontese garlic
  • Allium neapolitanum -commonly known as Neapolitan garlic
  • Allium schoenoprasum - chives
  • Allium ursinum -commonly known as ramsons
  • Allium giganteum -giant garlic

Where to buy flowering garlic

If it is easier to find seeds and materials for growing food garlic, it is more difficult for ornamental garlic. For completeness, we point out one of the varieties of ornamental garlic on Amazon. I personally chose the variety with the most showy and decorative flowers.

Amazon page: Allium Giganteum with decorative flowers

This is thegiant garlic with single-stemmed flowers, capable of reaching a height between 80 cm and 150 cm. It is a perennial plant that behaves like all flower bulbs.

On Amazon, a packet of giant garlic seeds can be bought for 4.95 euros and shipping costs included in the price.

Cultivation of flowering garlic

Those who live in areas with a mild climate can leave the garlic buried even during winters. Those who live in the north will have to extract garlic at the beginning of autumn, before the advent of early frosts. Some varieties offlowering garlicmore delicate ones must also be extracted from the ground in Southern Italy. In these cases, the garlic bulbs should be stored in a box with dry sand, possibly in a dark and moisture-free place.

How to plant ornamental garlic?

  1. Make a hole in the ground.
  2. Place the bulb with the roots down. If the roots are not visible, know that the bulb must be placed with the partpointedfacing upwards.
  3. Cover the bulb with potting soil and earth.
  4. Water generously.

Garlic prefers fertile, soft and above all well-drained soils (it is still a flower bulb!). Avoid planting them in pots or gardens with too compact or clod soil. For the cultivation ofornamental garlic in pot, you can use universal soil to fertilize every two months starting from the vegetative restart. Those who cultivate in the open field can fertilize in spring with slow release fertilizer.

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