Dying Test: what it is and how to do it

Dying Test: what it is and how to do it

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Test of the dying person: what is it and how is it done? Today a friend was the third person to ask me in the last 2 months so I thought I'd write an article to explain it! :-)

Do the "test of the dying man", Also known as "Fit People TestAnd seeing if you can get over it is pretty simple: you have to travel a distance of 10 km of running (or running alternating with short walks) in less than 60 minutes.

If you do not succeed you can consider yourself "dying", or in a precarious physical form ... at least according to the inventor of the test who, as always happens in these cases, has also received a fair number of criticisms, as according to many people failing the test is not necessarily a sign of being in bad shape.

To many people with a sedentary lifestyle, the goal of running 10 km in less than an hour may seem quite challenging but in reality, beyond the criticisms and objections that this test has received, in my opinion it is on average a good way to assess whether a person has achieved good physical fitness.

I'm sure they can fail the test of the dying man also many people who regularly train in the gym with weights or other sportsmen who practice "power sports": attending the gym for over 30 years I have seen dozens of times people who insist on lifting huge weights emitting inhuman cries ( ... I am sure that many of you will have seen these subjects :-) to inflate pectorals and biceps but almost totally ignoring the training for the legs with the result of having a torso and in general an "inflated" upper body and "disproportionate little legs". ... and beyond the aesthetic factor, it is obvious that these people also become at risk of injury as soon as they try to engage in sports in which it is necessary to rely on the legs, which must bear the weight of the upper body that is disproportionate to the leg muscles .

However, the advice I give to friends is to think only of feeling good and playing sports to have fun without "getting stressed" with tests or chronometric feedback!

Of course, keeping track of the times also helps to realize the progress made and can be an extra motivation but having the "fix" to improve in a spasmodic way at all costs in my opinion is not productive!

Returning to test of the dying man however, know that age is no excuse to "fail", at least up to the age of 65 and perhaps even beyond.

I was truly amazed to read the records of athletes "no longer very young", at least in the registry office! MrMax Raschke for example it holds the world record on 10 Km for athletes who have turned 85 with a time of 52 minutes and 50 seconds! Test of the dying man passed at age 85 then! :-)

... and not even "being a woman" can be a valid excuse why the ladyDenise Leclerc at 80 played ran i 10 Km in 55 minutes and 27 seconds!

You will be able to read other incredible records of senior athletes or rather "masters" in various athletic disciplines in this Wikipedia page Maybe in this way you could find the right motivation to tie your sneakers and start running without making excuses!

However, I am 49 years old and the test of the dying man I still get over it! My last 10km time is 47 minutes and 37 seconds at 4:46 min / km on average.

Good luck for yours test of the dying man! ;-)

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