Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog: temperament

Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog: temperament

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Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog, a majestic and robust but very good dog made in Italy belonging to the group of shepherds and cattlemen and of ancient origins. It is a breed of "XXL" size, minimal, docile and friendly, accustomed to grouping, or rather, to herd.

Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog: origins

The origins of this breed, which has always been used in the Maremma in Tuscany and Abruzzo, region from which it takes its name. Its main task, still valid today, is to guard the flocks. This dog does it in an excellent way and no one has ever questioned this role even if today it is also found as companion dog, in spacious places where he can feel free.

Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog: temperament

Like any dog, or almost, who has the task of looking after the flock and is in continuous contact with other animals, the Maremma Shepherd Abruzzesand has a strong and generous character. This does not mean that he is quiet, silent and dull, he has flashes of energy and vitality but he also knows how to reflect. Otherwise he would be a bad pastor. In general does not have an aggressive disposition, it tends to welcome, to indulge the living beings with which it lives, without being subjected but not even reacting impulsively.

Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog: characteristics

When I say this breed is XXL I mean a height at the withers that for males can even exceed 70 cm, for females it is not much lower, the weight varies from 35 to 45Kg. It is a robust and muscular dog and can be seen immediately, from the trunk but also from the limbs, which are proportionate but well structured. The body of the Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog it is harmonious and balanced, it maintains a certain agility and the rather long tail slims its figure, garnished with "fluttering" hair how is.

The head of this shepherd dog is flat and wide, cone-shaped, the muzzle appears elongated but not sharp and ends with a very large and black pigmented nose. The hair of the Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog it is thick and thick, long and very abundant, but a little less on the face and ears.

It is usually smooth but a slight ripple is also accepted. The cloak it is one of the characteristics that most remain in mind of this breed also because it can only be solid white, shades are tolerated but only if almost invisible.

Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog: breeding

In Italy, hush hush, this dog has become known and loved over time. In fact, there are over 30 farms officially recognized by ENCI that deal with this breed. As it happens, Abruzzo is the second and not the first region in terms of the number of dedicated farms. Lombardy is surpassed, with 6, the "homeland" region has 5 and then tied with four are Piedmont, Lazio and Campagna.

Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog: price

The price of a puppy's Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog it can start from 600 euros but also reach 1000, it depends a lot on both the pedigree of the individual specimen, the vintages and the type of dog we are looking for. Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog because he is beautiful, who because he is an excellent guardian for the flock. There are many variables at play.

Abruzzese Maremma Shepherd Dog in history

The origins of this dog are to be found in the stock of adults white dogs from Central Europe, very ancient dogs and used for millennia as guardians of grazing animals and flocks. Already at the time it was clear that these Shepherd dogs had a wary and belligerent character but they were not put aside for this, they were perfect for the job they had to do.

This breed came to Italy from Middle East and has something in common with the Pyrenean mountain dogs, with the Kuvasz Hungarians, with i Tatra of Poland, with the Slovak Cuvacs, with the Ċ arplaninacs and with the Akbash of Turkey. We find the Maremma already praised in Roman times by Cato and Palladio, as well as in many other written or iconographic testimonies.

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