Digestion in dogs

Digestion in dogs

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Digestion in dogs, a process that depends on each breed, on the environment in which our four-legged friend lives and above all on what he eats, with us and that he sometimes finds around. Of course, it is not the same as that of man, the Digestion in dogs therefore we do not automatically apply our beliefs to its diet because we could be wrong and turn out to be truly indigestible owners.

There are foods that are digestible for us and not for dogs, and vice versa, even the times are different and the precautions to be taken into account, for puppies, for example, and for older or sick dogs.

One of the first things to know when talking about Digestion in dogs and humans, is that the enzyme called ptyalin, essential for the first digestion, is not abundant in their physique so the digestion of starches it is long and difficult. On the contrary, hydrochloric acid abounds in their stomachs.

If in doubt, we do not underestimate problems at Digestion in dogs and let's turn to competent people such as veterinarians or experts, we do not improvise. First of all, however let's try to "set up" for our furry life partner, a correct and balanced diet. Often everything is arranged with balance and harmony.

Digestion in dogs: timing and how long it lasts

It can last up to 10 hours there Digestion in dogs, for this reason it is sometimes advisable not to let him have lunch and dinner too often and not to spoil him with abundant snacks, very different from games prize cookie. The best thing for an adult and healthy animal is a regimen that is based on a single meal a day, but there may also be occasions when it is inclined to a double date with the bowl.

It is also better to evaluate together with your trusted veterinarian, who knows the dog health. There are also those who prefer many small snacks so as not to subject the digestive system to too long "pauses", the motor activity that the dog does during the day should also be evaluated. This is a similar rule to those applied in "human cases".

Digestion in dogs: bones a possible problem

Bones are a problem at times Digestion in dogs, or rather, it is a problem to understand when they can become or not.

There pork and chicken they are the most "dangerous" for the bones that can create disturbances. In order not to have to remove them from the menu, they can be minced, so they do not harm the animal but preserve the calcium which is very precious. In addition to the bones, also the fishbones can create discomfort, therefore serving fish to our dog, better check that there are none.

Let's not be lazy, avoiding fish 100%, because it's great. It has proteins, vitamins, minerals and phosphorus, it is well digestible even for puppies, especially if chosen among the lean and sea ones.

Let's take this opportunity to make a rundown on the best foods or foods to avoid to make the Digestion in dogs as simple as possible. It is essential that the diet provides vitamins, proteins and fats. Proteins restore cellular structures which continually undergo partial demolition, are found mainly in meat, egg and milk, but can be of vegetable origin and not only animal. Of course it must be said that dogs use 90% of the latter, while only 20% of vegetable ones.

Rice or pasta are well appreciated in the bowl, great energy sources, better if well cooked, and even a spoon every two days of raw olive oil: you will see what a shiny coat!

Vegetables that do not disturb the Digestion in dogs they are for example zucchini, carrots, leeks, peas, squash, while it is better to avoid those that contain too much oxalic acid because it hinders the absorption of calcium. I therefore refer to chard, spinach, lettuce and the like.

Fats are essential for good Digestion in dogs and if we give them to them after a long cooking, they are more digestible, so that they can be used mainly for energy purposes.

Digestion in puppies

Puppies have their needs, as do human puppies. Let's forget, though, baby food and baby food and let's get ready to take note of what we recommend for a good one Digestion in a newborn dog almost.
Just weaned, a young dog can take milk and minced meat, but very finely, and then also add mix of meat or fish, puffed rice or cereals, milk, vitamins and minerals only if necessary. Everything must be of good quality, and milk is only good if it is tolerated by the puppy: let's be careful.

Among staple food of a puppy dog's diet ricotta, mozzarella and other foods with high value proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals must not be missing. Eggs are also very important, including the minced shell, because it becomes a valuable source of calcium. Rich in vitamins and therefore important for digestion in dogs, whether small or not, is there'Cod liver oil, to be taken daily, but not too much: one table spoon at a time.

Not to be missed in the puppy bowl, but also of seniors, are the B vitamins, to be found in foods such as liver, milk, eggs, wheat germ and recommended vegetables. Always of vitamins, A and D: inevitable in the first months of life, because they are used for development and calcification of bones.

Digestion in the dog before giving him a bath

There are various theories even between people, let alone between dogs: the Digestion in dogs is disturbed by a nice bath? There is no absolute and certain truth to be based on, what is reasonably recommended is to wait a few hours if the dog has recently eaten, especially for swimming in a river, sea or lake. It also depends on the temperature, in fact beyond the Digestion in dogs, it is often best to avoid too many baths in winter or after a vaccine.

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