Biomethane cars: CAP believes it!

Biomethane cars: CAP believes it!

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Biomethane car, the dream of a few is about to become a reality for many, for companies that see them as an opportunity, for people who understand their developments and benefits, including on the green side. A considerable step forward, both in practice and in the media, is certainly the recent construction of the first distributor to fill up the car with sewage water. This record goes to Milan and it is POSTAL CODE that signs this good deed: it is the company that manages the aqueduct, sewerage and purification of the metropolitan city and adds an important piece to the still little explored universe of biomethane cars.

Biomethane cars from wastewater: what it is

Sewage, a name that sounds unpleasant in appearance, which recalls bad smells and bad consequences, but no. Since they can be used for Biomethane car, are welcome, because, compared to petrol engines, those that use biomethane they cut CO2 emissions by 23%, even compared to diesel used for heavy vehicles, there is a -15%.

When it comes to sustainable mobility, therefore, they should not be relegated to a le corner Biomethane car that with this new Milanese stage with the "waste water" they continue their virtuous path. Let's get to know what has been achieved, hoping that for the spirit of competition or emulation, or out of envy, many other cities will "copy" the Lombard capital.

Biomethane cars: CAP's bet

"I'm going to fill up with waste water." Let's get used to this phrase because it is what awaits us Biomethane car they will work their way as CAP has wagered it will. This group, in fact, is experimenting with the methane produced by city sewage as "fuel" by creating the first distributor. It is not a publicity stunt, or a spot event to be seen "green", that of CAP is a bet on Biomethane car which starts from careful technical studies.

The Bresso purifieralone, it would be able to produce 341,640 kg of biomethane every year. Are so many? I'll leave it to you to evaluate, just specifying that they would be enough to power 416 vehicles for 20,000 km per year. Or, if you like, to turn further 200 times around the Earth following its circumference (8,320,000 km).

In addition to being a great “goal” from an environmental point of view, this step of CAP in the sector Biomethane car it is also excellent news for our portfolio. Looking at the cost of production, it can be seen that 0.58 euros / kg are well below the 0.9 euros / kg, at which methane is on the market today.

Biomethane cars: first distributor inaugurated in Milan

Let's remember “end of September 2016”, because when we all move with Biomethane car produced by waste water it will be right to remember the first test ". It was in the past few days, in fact, that CAP made it possible, thanks to the collaboration of FCA, and abiomethane car was fed with what was obtained from the sewage previously treated in Niguarda-Bresso purifier.

This is just the beginning, for all of us, and for CAP which is focusing a lot on this new frontier relating to Biomethane car enough to decide to transfer part of its 60 (approximately) main purifiers to biorefineries capable of producing wealth from waste water.

Biomethane cars: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is also investing in it

FCA is ready and its participation in the CAP bet in Milan was certainly not an isolated adventure: methane and biomethane constitute for this company one of the main axes of development. These are not words but facts, or rather, numbers: in 2015 it marketed over 44,000 methane-fueled vehicles and cars in Europe. When we say "in Europe", perhaps we fear that Italy is in the last place, but no, because we lack neither the commitment nor the technologies to excel on board Biomethane car.

It is not the only one, FCA, to have been committed for years to develop and make more and more desirable Biomethane car, CNH Industrial is also keeping pace, confirming itself as the European leader in natural gas technology with over 14,000 vehicles sold of the Iveco and Iveco Bus brands and 29,000 engines of the FPT Industrial brand.

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