Live Lactic Ferments: what they are for and when to take them

Live Lactic Ferments: what they are for and when to take them

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Live Lactic Ferments, an important help to stay healthy, in shape, not in the sense of thin and beautiful but of healthy and lively. Without having to endure many small, big daily ailments, such as those of the intestine, but not only. THE Live Lactic Ferments they are the protagonists of advertising for many yogurts and other similar products, but what are they really and when is it necessary to take them? Better to clarify our ideas, because in the slogans they sound good, perhaps for that "live" that every now and then are flaunted at random.

Live Lactic Ferments: what they are

THE Live Lactic Ferments they are bacteria, which seems to have a negative impact, except that they are useful bacteria, which work to ensure the well-being of our body. They are microorganisms that we call because they are able to metabolize lactose, the sugar present in greater quantities in milk, producing lactic acid.
Not all Live Lactic Ferments they have the same characteristics, some are in fact called probiotics and, as the name implies, they are pro - life, while others are antibiotics, so they destroy the various bacteria without distinction.

Although it is better to take foods that contain Live Lactic Ferments, there are already certain of them in our body, especially in the intestine because they have what to eat, what we ingest. Others are present in yogurt (the Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus), in kefir or in other fermented foods. If we want we can also take it through specific natural supplements, if the other solutions do not give us results.

Live Lactic Ferments: what they are for

When a doctor, and sometimes even an expert pharmacist, advises us to take Live Lactic Ferments, usually it is because we suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, such as classic diarrhea, or digestive problems, such as colitis. It can also be just to restore the regular functioning of the intestine which can be "in disorder" for various reasons.

The benefits of using Live Lactic Ferments probiotics are usually the elimination of harmful antigens, the alleviation of symptoms of lactose intolerance, the possible reduction of food allergies, the strengthening of the immune system of the whole organism and the possible reduction of the serum cholesterol level.

Live Lactic Ferments: when to take them

They are not drugs like antibiotics or anti-inflammatories, or the like, often i Live Lactic Ferments they are not taken when needed, only if particular disorders occur, indeed! The best way to understand them is for preventive purposes. Often, in fact, it may be necessary to strengthen the immune defenses of our organism, perhaps in view of a trip, of a period of weakness, the bad season or a sudden change of weather.

Another occasion in which the use of these is often recommended Live Lactic Ferments it is in combination with antibiotic therapies that weaken the intestinal bacterial flora. In particular, probiotics are a great way to avoid ailments when treating infections or inflammations that affect the respiratory and urinary tracts, the intestine or the immune system.

Live Lactic Ferments: remedy against diarrhea

Anti-diarrhea is one of the most popular uses of Live Lactic Ferments even if, as we have seen, it is not necessarily the most important. Of course, perhaps it is the most frequent, just think of all the times we find our sanitation habits upset, traveling for pleasure or for work, or simply following a series of lunches or dinners out to which we were invited.

We could not miss it, we did well to participate, but i Live Lactic Ferments they allow us not to suffer from stomach pain or diarrhea due to these exceptions to the rule. Also seasonal changes they can disturb our intestines, especially in seasons such as autumn and spring, so it is better to prevent with these good bacteria any ailment that may not allow us to fully enjoy the colors of these two periods of the year.

Live Lactic Ferments for children

It is not always easy to get children to take i Live Lactic Ferments, and if not all adults like yogurt, let alone the little ones. These vials of Lactoflorene are an excellent supplement of live lactic ferments for children, on Amazon for € 6.80 we can get some a pack of 12 and see the results for yourself.
This product is among the most suitable for rebalancing the intestinal bacterial flora, of course it must be inserted in a well balanced diet, alone does not work miracles.

Live Lactic Ferments for dogs

Dogs may also need Live Lactic Ferments and they often save us from having to treat them for worse ailments. But before giving them to them at random, at the first hint of stomach infection and diarrhea, let's try to understand what the real problem is.

For example, we check the feces, color and consistency, and keep the dog under observation for a few hours, perhaps by contacting the veterinarian. THE Live Lactic Ferments they are often taken by the dog in combination with other elements that thicken the stool to permanently restore intestinal regularity after days of repeated disturbances.

Live Milky Ferments: where to buy them

Children, dogs, but ... adults also need Live Lactic Ferments, and how! For example, we can buy a pack of 10 vials of Prolife Lactobacilli, 10 ml each, on Amazon for € 5.90, which are an excellent supplement capable of promoting the physiological balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.

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