How to resinate wooden frames

How to resinate wooden frames

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How to resinate wooden frames: instructions for resining the wood of doors and windows. Techniques for restoring frames for the recovery of even, shutters and doors.

The fixtures are always exposed to atmospheric agents, especially the external sashes of the windows: sun, hail, rain, summer heat, humidity, winter frost… These conditions, over time, cause the surface paint to lift and can damage the wood. For proper maintenance of the fixtures, it is necessary to periodically brush a UV protective varnish and ensure a smooth and homogeneous surface.

In order not to incur the replacement of the fixtures, it is possible to carry out some do-it-yourself jobs such as painting and wood resin treatment. If you have the opportunity, before resining the old windows, you should remove them and act in a well-ventilated area. Those who, due to structural constraints, cannot disassemble the window and door frames, can act on site.

How to resinate wooden frames

Most of the time it is possiblesave the fixturesand limit yourself to a good recovery job, however, in some cases the state of decay is so advanced that the wood cannot guarantee its original structural characteristics. Before trying my hand at recovery and restoration of fixtures, evaluate the state of conservation of the wood.

For the analysis and to continue with the work ofrestoration of fixtures, remove all moving parts such as shutters, doors, shutters ... Leave only thewooden frameswith the fixed parts connected to them.

For a careful restoration, in addition to repainting the fixtures, you can perform a more thorough oneconsolidationby injecting resins to be performed on all disassembled parts. What are the steps to follow forrestore the fixturesand bring them back to life?

  • Disassembly of moving parts
  • Disassembly of the frame
    only if structurally possible, otherwise the frame is worked on site.
  • Wood stripping
    before you canresin the woodit will have to be brought to its natural state.
  • Repair
    repair of any cracks, repair of gaskets ...
  • Wood resin coating
    keep in mind that the resin alone does not protect the wood from UV rays, so you will have to apply a special protective extra.
  • Wood varnishing

To improve wind and water resistance, during repairs, the seals could be replaced after milling the wood. Make a careful assessment: the milling of the wood, if not performed properly, could weaken the structure.

For windows, we recommend replacing the glass parts: instead of single-sash glass, you can use single sheets (of the same thickness) but made with new double glazing with the addition of a thermal insulating film. In this way, you will be able to improve the thermal efficiency of the window by making the frame more insulating.

As for cracks in the wood and cracks in the uprights, these must be filled with injections of filler resin.

Last step to perform, before you canresin the wooden window frames, is the measurement of residual humidity: with an instrument, measure the degree of residual humidity inside the wood of the frame, at a depth of about 4 cm. The residual moisture should not exceed 8%. Higher percentages indicate a state of deterioration of the wood which is now too difficult to recover.

Use two-component resins for wood

The resins are designed to reduce the porosity of the wood and isolate it by protecting it from atmospheric agents. In the naval sector, to resin a boat, epoxy resins are used, in the home, to protect and restore our fixtures, we can use acrylic resins.

Among the acrylic resins on the market we point out theParaloid B72 which manages to protect the wood from acid or alkaline agents, from oils, greases and chemical vapors. It is perfectly water resistant and forms an elastic film with excellent adhesion characteristics. It does not react with any pigments and is therefore easy to use. This product can be used forresin the woodbut also light metals, creating a stable and completely transparent coating.

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