Food waste: let's fight them with LastMinuteSottoCasa

Food waste: let's fight them with LastMinuteSottoCasa

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Food waste, if a Martian heard us he would think of an offense or a joke, and instead it is a sad reality but not irremediable. The current numbers are terrifying but instead of being paralyzed by the absurdity of the Food waste we can roll up our sleeves and act. Yes, just us, even every day, with some little intelligent action. Then there are also those who wanted to go further and instead of wasting their time they invested it to meet us, not to leave us escape routes, to break down the figures that today describe food waste.

Food waste: impressive numbers

Beyond a third of the food that is produced and distributed, ends up in the trash. Instead of feeding about 2 billion people for a whole year, we in the citizens of the world, some more, some less, we throw away 1.3 billion tons of food which would be absolutely edible. If they don't seem to you Food waste those described by the data just mentioned, I add another.

In less than 40 years, we will become 9 billion, where do we want to go if we continue to throw away resources, including food? This situation is not sustainable from an ethical point of view, because - it will be "the usual phrase" but it is true - there are those who are dying of hunger while we don't care Food waste. And also on the environmental side, all unnecessary and avoidable waste puts more and more crisis on a planet Earth already full of other problems.

Let us not take refuge in the thought that the authors of the Food waste are "the others" in our small and charming peninsula, home of good food, every year they end up in the garbage 8 billion euros of food. In addition to the ethical and environmental condemnation, also the economic one: we lose 12.5 billion in Food waste, 54% in consumption, 21% in catering, 15% in commercial distribution, 8% in agriculture and 2% in processing.

For those who have not yet understood that we cannot continue like this, here is the situation, described in the article "Food waste in Italy and in the world“.

Food waste: the ethical duty to avoid waste

If there are those who deny the evidence, not everyone has blinders or at least someone has taken them off and taken action. This summer, for example, a smart one was approved law against food waste, the first signatory is the deputy of the Democratic Party Maria Chiara Gadda. The initiative has found wide acceptance, because food waste has not started, avoiding them is a bipartisan victory. To better understand the new welcome law I recommend the article "Food anti-waste law“.

The LastMinuteSottoCasa App: savings for the user and earnings for the retailer avoiding waste

It's nice and useful that everyone does their part, but there are those who have decided to make an app, against food waste. Is called "LastMinuteUnderHouse ”And was born in 2014 on the initiative of Francesco Ardito. Together with Massimo Ivul, it started out as a website for making meet shopkeepers with unsold products to be disposed of and consumers who are careful about saving. The result of this online matching is double: less food waste and less waste.

Bakeries get married with LastMinuteSottoCasa, but not only, also fishmongers, delicatessens, food stalls and all those who at the end of the day have products that it is a pity to throw away but that the next day are not salable.

The idea is effective and it is not necessary to be a technology expert. That's enough register at LastMinuteSottoCasa, as shopkeepers or potential customers, locate and "profile" so as to receive offers that are nearby and not "bread in Pescara" if we live in Lecce. For those who want to learn more about this ingenious service against food waste, you can go to the official website, which is always updated and more and more convenient because avoiding food waste is not a fatigue but a pleasure, a personal, ethical and environmental challenge.

How LastMinuteSottoCasa works: video by comedian Paolo Mingone

After the tragic numbers and a great opportunity, which gives us hope, here are some laughs with a video that smiles and teaches.

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