Anthurium: cultivation, colors and flowering

Anthurium: cultivation, colors and flowering

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Anthurium, houseplant or garden plant fromfloweringand come oncolorsbeautiful. It stands out for its elegance and charm, this plant is finding more and more space in the homes and gardens of Italians. Let's see togetherhow to grow Anthurium what are its needs and all the care to devote to the plant.

L'anthurium andrenumit belongs to the Araceae family, introduced in Europe as an ornamental indoor plant more than a century ago. This plant is very long-lived, resistant and is made famous for itsblooms.

Anthurium, cultivation and care

L'anthuriumit is a houseplant par excellence: its ideal location is near windows and balconies, where there is no lack of light. L'anthuriumin fact, it needs diffused and constant light.

In summer it is possiblecultivate anthurium in the gardenbut it should never be exposed in full sun. This plant can stand the cold: the minimum recommended temperature is 16 ° C so, for those who grow in the garden, they will have to move the plant under cover for the whole winter. It can withstand up to 10 ° C but under this temperature the leaves and i will start to fallflowersthey will start to get darker and darker.

The ideal temperature is between 20 and 27 ° C but cannot bear temperatures above 30 ° C (it tolerates heat but only in the presence of a lot of humidity).

Potted anthurium

For hiscultivation in pots, prepare a container that has a draining layer: on the bottom of the pot add 2 cm of expanded clay. For the cultivation soil, mix, in equal parts, sand, peat and garden soil. You can add a few pieces of organic charcoal.

How to wet anthurium

This plant should be irrigated with rain or fresh water (not calcareous, so pay attention to tap water). The soil must never be

Anturio, repotting

Repotting should be done every two years, the ideal period forrepot the anthuriumfalls in winter, in full vegetative rest.


The fertilizer should be administered from spring to autumn, with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants. It is administered every 15 days. Increase fertilization if plantit does not produce flowers.

Anthurium, flowering

The structure we call flower, is actually composed of two distinct parts: the spathe and the spadix. The first is the bract, that is theleaftransformed and colored at the base of theflowerreal. The inflorescence ofAnthurium, in fact, it consists only of the spadix, that fleshy and cylinder-shaped structure that supports the real flowers, of decidedly reduced dimensions.

What we commonly callflower, from differentcolors, it is actually a leaf.

Anthurium, colors

The Danish, American and Dutch flower growers have worked hard on the selection of the species and varieties from colorsbrighter and more captivating. Today the market can count on a large number of colors. There flowering it can be diversified both for the shape of the spathe (that modified leaf we call flower), and for the size.

Red anthurium

The most widespread is certainly thered athurium coral. The bright red of the spathe (transformed leaf) stands in sharp contrast with the yellow of the spadix (that fleshy cylinder that houses the real flowers). There are many shades of red; among the various we point out theAnthurium Madural,a hybrid with red flowers with a green border. The plant produces many flowers and reaches a height of 70 cm. Who wants ared anthuriumfrom the most important dimensions it can point to the most recentBlack Queen,with vigorous flowers and very dark red. The plant reaches 100 cm in height.

White anthurium

As well as thered anthurium, even thatWhiteit's a great classic. Among the proposals of floriculturists we point out thewhite anthuriumWhite Champion and Sumi. Sumi is more recent, it was created for those who want small-sized flowering houseplants: it reaches about 50 cm in height.

Anthurium green, pink, purple, orange ...

As stated, this plant deliversbloomswith multiple colors. Fantasy Love anthurium comes in a green and pink color while the arlequine series comes in various colors in contrast with the veins. Pink Champion stands out for its red color while Utah sports dark purple flowers.

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