Resilience: meaning and definition

Resilience: meaning and definition

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Resilience, is a word and a concept that will not be new to many but at the same time not precisely definable. As with many other terms we begin to hear about from one day to the next, more and more frequently, and they enter our heads and become familiar without our knowledge. Then when they ask us: Resilience, that is? We don't know exactly what to answer. We do not resist, we deepen, it can be useful not only to answer those who question us, but also to improve our lifestyle. Or have confirmation that we are already gods Resilience champions.

Resilience: definition

What does it mean to be resilient people? For example, knowing how to cultivate self-esteem and surround yourself with friends, approach the world with the desire to learn accept even a non-optimal situation not to suffer it but for then react effectively returning to feel good, indeed, better than before.

One can therefore already guess that when when we speak of resilience, we mean the ability to react and get up stronger, without ever letting oneself be discouraged by the difficulties encountered in everyday life, be they small or large.

As it happens, a great example is provided by nature by putting it in front of our eyes every day. Think of the trees: they adapt to wind and storms and resist developing strong roots, without giving up growing, but with flexible branches that allow you to adapt to the future.

Resilience: meaning

In order not to make this concept seem far-fetched, speaking of roots, I specify that the concept of Resilience was borrowed from the science of materials, a field in which this term indicates the property that some materials have to retain their structure or to regain their original shape after being subjected to crushing or deformation.

Moving on to psychology, the ability to deal with stress or trauma or unexpected changes is immediately associated with this word, taking the opportunity to review our life and improve it further. When you manage to educate yourself in Resilience, you become almost automatically optimistic, flexible and creative, willing to work as a team by collaborating and sharing experiences and skills.

Resilience to adversity

To tackle the obstacles that you may encounter while continuing towards your goal, a little Resilience doesn't hurt. If we are at the first steps, if we are resilient aspirants, here are some tips to avoid suffering adversity. First, let's keep the smile, not in the sense of a false and hypocritical mask, however. The inner smile, not forgetting that a laugh, a smile, a laughing look, they prepare us best when it comes to dealing with a problem.

It is not easy but it is: we learn to accept change, which is inevitable in life, and rather we try to change as we wish, being clear that it is impossible for everything to remain unchanged forever, in us and around us. After this step, we proceed to make a decision e not panicking at the crossroads, and if our legs tremble alone, no one forbids us to ask for help, indeed, but we never forget to listen to ourselves because if we do not respect our voice, we will pay dearly for it.

Let us not think of throwing in the towel, because Resilience teaches us how there is a solution for everything, it is just a matter of identifying the best, surely it is to be found among those that make us feel good about ourselves. Faced with a problem or a misfortune, without being surrealists, let's look on the bright side since most of the time black has appreciable shades of gray to hold onto. Essential to Resilience is remembering that we are living for learn from the many challenges that we meet.

Resilience: a book to deepen the subject

An excellent text for those who want to embark on a serious path of Resilience is "Educating yourself for Resilience: How to face crises and difficulties and improve yourself " on sale on Amazon at 15 Euros. Better not resist the desire to read it and let yourself be guided by the author, Elena Malaguti, precious in giving indications that are not impractical as it often happens in the case of very impractical and full of self resilience gurus. A completely resilient attitude!

Resilience: phrases

More than the sentences, in the Resilience questions are important, those that allow us to approach our day correctly, paying attention only to what deserves. At the end of the day we can ask ourselves which events were particularly stressful and which influenced our attitudes.

If we start to be resilient, we will surely know what we have learned from what we have lived and how we have interacted with others. To identify what it is who to cultivate in the future, it is also better to ask ourselves what has allowed us to look to the future with greater confidence. Two very interesting quotes on the Resilience can not miss.

The general who commands three armies can be defeated, but the firm will of a simple man cannot be shaken.(Confucius)

Those who say it's impossible shouldn't bother those who are making it.(Albert Einstein)

Ecological resilience

Already hearing the guidelines of a conduct of Resiliencea it is clear that whoever adopts it can only be a soul attentive to the environment. It goes without saying that, without being infallible, we try to be willing to change without taking on struggles for no reason, but aiming for create fruitful and honest relationships, an atmosphere of love and trust. Not only with people but also with varied flora and fauna.

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