How to build a terrarium

How to build a terrarium

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How to build a terrarium: instructions for building aDIY terrariumusing recycled materials or an old aquarium.

For many plants, cultivation interrariumit is an obligatory choice. Plants that need a particular habitat, with a generally temperate climate, high humidity and little ventilation, must necessarily be grown interrarium because it is not always possible to guarantee these conditions in an uncontrolled environment.

Theterrariumis a structure consisting of a glass or plastic container. It is waterproof and therefore prevents water from escaping. Theterrariumit can be both open and closed but in any case it must allow for a certain air exchange.

How to build a DIY terrarium

Forbuild a DIY terrariumwe can readjust a normal aquarium. We can get one at a flea market or retrieve it in the basement! Of the aquarium, of course, we are only interested in the supporting structure and no water filtration system is required.

For aterrariumlighting is of fundamental importance. If the aquarium to be transformed into a terrarium is placed on a balcony or in the garden, or in the house but near a south-facing window, there will be no major problems with light. In these conditions, natural lighting should suffice.

On the contrary, if you want to keep theterrarium in the house, in the living room or in another less lighted area, it is necessary to use artificial lighting. Many aquariums are already equipped with a lighting system, so it will be enough to enhance the artificial light of the aquarium itself.

We do not recommend using only the light source of the aquarium because it is generally insufficient.

Not just aquarium. There are other good facilities that can be readjusted to terrarium,in addition, those who have a bit of good dexterity can make aDIY terrariumstarting from a few panes of glass. Even an old turtle tank (or turtle tank) can be made into terrariumas well as a mini balcony greenhouse.

ADIY terrarium, if well done, it can become an original and pleasant piece of furniture.

Formake a terrariumyou will need:

  • glass plates of the appropriate size
  • 100% non-toxic silicone sealant
  • acetone
  • lighting

How to proceed

  1. Before placing the sheets, it is essential to clean and degrease the glass that must be glued. For this reason it is advisable to use acetone which, in addition to cleaning, degreases the glass surfaces.
  2. Without absolutely touching the clean surfaces with the fingertips of your hands, you can position the glasses and glue them with silicone.
  3. Place the bottom plate on a completely dry surface, consequently position the side and front windows vertically without burdening the bottom glass with the help of the square.
  4. When the plates are correctly positioned, the glasses will be glued with silicone, helping us with the gun and taking care not to leave air bubbles between the two glasses.
  5. Let the sealant dry respecting the times indicated on the label.

Terrariums on the market

On the market we find terrariums in glass or plastic material, with wooden, metal or plastic profiles. InDIY terrariumseen above, the slabs are assembled with completely non-toxic silicone (for the well-being of the house and plants) and do not have profiles that only have an ornamental function.

Who is not satisfied with re-adapting a terrarium can take a look at the various Amazon proposals (see useful links) both in the direction of terrariums and in the direction of mini greenhouses: atarrario, in fact, it can be used both to contain the substrate for plants and to host pots. With pots, the plants can be managed individually and more easily.

Among the various market proposals we point out the “Socker mini greenhouse” terrarium designed for indoor environments (therefore not resistant to atmospheric agents). This product is visible in the photo above and is offered on Amazon at the price of 44.90 euros; in fact, the cost is a bit steep for the size (45 cm long x 22 cm wide) but you pay for the materials (glass and steel) and for the design with a pleasant aesthetic impact.

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