Change: how to best manage it

Change: how to best manage it

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Change, a word that we always have in our mouths but less often on the agenda. Be it business, personal, political, economic. Whether it is voluntary or involuntary, sometimes we do not admit it but there is a mysterious force inherent in us that tends to inertia and makes us look at Change with fear or at least with caution.

However, it is necessary to distinguish when the one to change is one responsible and personal choice or a situation in which we find ourselves perhaps even suddenly. In the first case we can manage the Change setting small and progressive goals that free us from feelings of guilt and second thoughts. In the second case, in front of unpredictable circumstances and you don't always want, it's not that easy to keep your mind clear. We can fall prey to a sense of loss or even frustration. We can, but we can also manage the Change by changing our approach.

Change: definition

Without going through the etymology enthusiast which I am not, I like to explore the origins and singularities of words because they are often unexpectedly illuminating. We find the idea of ​​changing house, season, temperature, but also habits, character and even status. Not in the sense of transfer but of "state of aggregation" and in this case it is the matter that carries out a change, not us in person. For example water that becomes ice or steam.

There are political changes, even quite often, and road traffic, social and cultural changes. In fencing, few know that the Change is action with which you try to deflect the opponent's iron from the offense line.

Life change

Often a life changer is one consequence of a job change. By choice or forced, those who have moved or have upset their life habits to keep a well-paid job, or just paid. Others have similarly accepted a Change to advance a career and perhaps fulfill their dream when it was impossible to do so at home.

Easy to say, easy to design, but then you find yourself in a new context, with different hours from the “usual” and colleagues with whom you can build friendships or at least win-win partnerships from scratch.

They may initially pop up symptoms of stress and depression, anxiety: insomnia, colitis, headache, or worse. It is important not to oppose the change that has begun and at times let oneself be guided by the flow that it entails, keeping your hands on the wheel but with an open mind. Then there are those who feel ready or have a strong need to radically change their lives: what they do for them is Human Destination.

Climate change

We talk more and more of climate changes and with fear, they are actually a current phenomenon that concerns temperatures and precipitation, but also snow, the global mean sea level and everything that exists on earth and pays the consequences of our environmental unconsciousness.

We will hear more of these changes and to keep the fear of catastrophes at bay we can only do our part every day trying to lead one life with low environmental impact.

Change: phrases and aphorisms to find motivation

The biggest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become. (Ben Herbster)
If we don't like where we are we can move, we are not trees. (Snoopy)
Change is the process by which the future invades our lives. (Alvin Toffler)
You will never change your life until you change something you do every day. (Mike Murdock)
The man who seeks safety, even of the mind, is like someone who cuts his legs and arms to have artificial legs and arms, which do not give him pain or ailments. (Henry Miller)
It is the most unhappy people who fear change the most. (Mignon McLaughlin)
The way out is through the door. Who knows why no one ever takes it. (Confucius)

Psychological change

Out of the blue, start a Psychological change it is not an easy task but many have done it and we can follow in their footsteps. For example, someone who stopped smoking suddenly has achieved a Psychological change getting rid of an addiction. It is just one of the many cases in which "wanting is power", and the change is favorable.

Unfortunately, there are also situations in which depression takes over and it is therefore sometimes necessary to get help to answer "tit for tat" planning changes in reaction to those who make us feel bad.

It depends on the severity of the depression, a friend may be enough or a specialist may be needed, but it is important to realize that it will affect us change habits, mental patterns and sometimes also the environment and acquaintances. It has to start with us, there are many roads, many are valid, but the feet that can walk them are ours.

Change of mood

The classic attribute that goes alongside the name of whoever has Mood changes more frequent than the norm is that of "lunatic". We all are a little bit, otherwise we would look like automatons, but there are those who stand out for speed in changing their mood.

IS' moody who is fickle and irascible, who goes from being affable to being grumpy, swinging introversion and extroversion. From the Latin lunaticus means "Who freaks out according to the phases of the moon" and the Greek equivalent also has a similar meaning.

Time change: how to best manage it

Those who travel often are perhaps more trained, those who are not, it is better that they become one since at least twice a year they have to move the clock by one hour, forward or backward, chasing the light. I don't notice much, I like not to wake up with the darkness still in the air but a coffee and a smile are enough to put me in a good mood even with thunder and lightning, that the moon still appears in the sky or that there is a shy sun instead rosé.

On the other hand, those who struggle more with manage solar time and summer time, can read how to best manage this inevitable nuisance.

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