Fragile capillaries: natural remedies

Fragile capillaries: natural remedies

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Fragile capillaries, a frequent problem that can occur due to aging, but not only. Let's not give up, there are simple natural remedies that at any age they can improve the situation, whether they are on the legs or on the face.

Fragile capillaries

Fragile, sometimes to the point of breaking, the capillaries must be observed with care because they can signal us gods illnesses to cure which also affect other parts of the body. Let them appear on the legs or elsewhere, sometimes even in the eyes, they are anti-aesthetic but not only. More than cover with socks or creams and make-up, it is better to find out the reasons for their fragility.

It is often linked to a lifestyle that is not too healthy, characterized by bad habits. Alcoholics, for example, they can lead to the appearance of Fragile capillaries because alcohol dilates blood vessels. The smoke, for its part, it destroys the vitamin C which has the function of protecting the health of the capillaries.

The trend to broken capillaries it can also be hereditary and very often the situation worsens with age because there is a loss of elasticity of the skin, increasingly thinner. One of the most serious pathologies that can hide behind Fragile capillaries is there'Chronic venous insufficiency but it could also be a hormonal issue, for women who are pregnant or in conjunction with the contraceptive pill.

Capillaries: eyes

We often talk about red eyes even when they are i Fragile capillaries that give an inflamed air to our eyes. It can happen that it is a consequence of a “commercial” episode like a small solid fragment that has entered our eyes. If instead we notice that they often appear broken capillaries looking into our eyes in the mirror, it's worth it investigate the causes and remedy. It may be a tendency we naturally have, but as we will see, we can limit the effects.

Capillaries: legs

THE Leg capillaries they are among the most hated if fragile because they are very unpleasant to see and also annoying. They are also often related to circulation problems so they are not a good sign, they remind us that something is not "turning" well. It is not said that it is something serious, God forbid, for example it could be that our life results too sedentary: we are less seated, take two steps between meetings and it could improve the situation.

THE visible capillaries on the legs they can be the obvious symptom of a lesion of the capillary wall, it happens more often to women or to overweight or stressed people. Those who take medications, such as corticosteroids and antidepressants, may also see i Fragile capillaries.

Capillaries: face

It's one thing to blush, it's one thing to have Fragile capillaries on the face, also called couperose. The skin in this area is thin, delicate and fragile and may be more at risk. Who has the high pressure may be more prone to this problem, but on the face as elsewhere, the capillaries break even if we take a blow or if it creates a bruise.

Broken capillaries: remedies

There are natural methods to deal with the appearance of Brittle or broken capillaries, however, if the situation does not improve, do not delay to consult the trusted doctor or herbalist. The first move is to walk and move more especially if they appeared on their legs: now that many work at the desk, fighting a sedentary lifestyle has become more difficult but not impossible.

Every hour you do a walk even a couple of minutes and commit to doing physical activity even soft but twice a week: your legs and mood will improve. Six capillaries are fragile, we also look at what is on our plate to create causes and remedies: it is important to always do the full of vitamin C and vitamin K. eating citrus, spinach, cauliflower, and kale.

Aloe vera and blueberry they come to our aid with gels and ointments that can improve circulation in the legs, the gotu kola it is among the herbs recommended for preventing and treating venous insufficiency and is particularly useful in case of visible capillaries.

Capillary creams

The cream based on currant nigrum is the best among all "spreadable" herbal remedies to treat fragile capillaries and improve circulation. We find many products for couperose, combined with rusco creams, both perfect for legs and face. On Amazon at 33 euros we then find a treatment based on Guam seaweed which makes the skin supple and soft. Thanks to the presence of berry heather juice, it is perfect for fragile capillaries because it has antioxidant and protective properties of microcirculation.

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