Frying oil, how to dispose of it

Frying oil, how to dispose of it

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Frying oil, how to dispose of it: the correct disposal of oil for frying. From collection to conferment. Info on environmental damage caused by waste oil of food origin.

Disposal of used cooking oil

L'exhausted oilof food origin comes from cooking food. It is produced at home as well as in fry shops, restaurants, caterers, company canteens or fast food restaurants. If little "fried oil" is produced at home, think aboutMc Donald'sor at the hottest restaurant in your city.

In Italy, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Health and CONOE data, approximately 1.4 million tons of vegetable oil are released for consumption every year.

Companies that collect used cooking oil generally sell the used oil directly to entities that produce biodiesel fuel; when the frying oil is intended for the production of biodiesel, it undergoes mechanical cleaning processes to eliminate food and water residues. Alternatively, theused cooking oil it is intended for manufacturing such as soap making.

Exhausted vegetable oil, what the law says

Used cooking oil is classified asnon-dangerous waste(CER 200125) and as such it CANNOT be dispersed into the environment neither by restaurateurs, nor by families.

At a regulatory level, in many European countries, including Italy, some aspects of the waste oil chain produced by households have not yet been regulated. Unfortunately, thefrying oil, despite being a waste it ends up too often spilled into the sewer system.

The framework directive on waste 2008/98 / EC identifies used edible oils and fats with the EWC code (CER) 20 01 25, non-hazardous waste. Regarding waste management, the national reference standard is represented by Part IV of Legislative Decree 3 April 2006, no. 152 ("Environmental Code") which repealed and replaced, among others, the "Ronchi Decree" (Legislative Decree 22/1997).

Anyone who throws frying oil into the sewer system essentially prohibits art. 192 Legislative Decree 152/2006 which prohibits the uncontrolled abandonment of waste on the ground and in the soil as well as placing it in surface and underground waters.

In fact, we should not dispose of frying oil just because the law says so: we should ensure its proper disposal because a few drops of oil are able to contaminate a huge volume of water.

Frying oil, can it be reused?

Recent research has shown thatreuse the same oil for different fryingit's very bad for your health. To access all the information, I invite you to visit the page:reuse the oil for frying.

Frying oil, how to dispose of it

The process ofdisposal of used cooking oil it's very simple.

It will be enough for you collect the fried oil in special containers and deliver it to the collection points. In some cities of Italy, door-to-door collection is also active for oil. Those who do not have this service available can ask the municipality of residence where and when they can give their ownexhausted oil. Generally, used cooking oil collected in bottles can be delivered to the same municipality of residence respecting the established days and times.

How to proceed?

Get a large, wide-mouthed plastic bottle. A bottle of laundry detergent or fabric softener will do.

Using a large bottle, you will have the opportunity to deliver the oil to the collection points only a couple of times a year. After frying, wait for the oil to cool and then transfer it to the bottle.

Where to take the used frying oil?

As stated, in some municipalities door-to-door collection of used oil bottles is active. Ask your municipality of residence to consider this possibility.

Alternatively, you can give the bottle containing the used oil to local collection points (ecological islands, consortia, municipality headquarters ...) or, again, you can talk to a restaurateur: some restaurateurs will be willing to give your bottle together with the most dipping quantities of used oil produced in their kitchens.

For further information:fried oil disposal.

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