How to protect the skin from the cold

How to protect the skin from the cold

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How to protect the skin from the cold, without ruining it for other reasons, without going crazy and without resorting to too expensive products is something that we ask ourselves especially towards January. And up to the days of the Merla, and beyond, it is necessary to give an answer. We will try to do it in a simple and sincere way, without inventing strange methods but considering that during the day you also have other things to do besides thinking about How to protect the skin from the cold.

Protect the skin from the cold: why

It is not related to how cold or warm we are, the problem of how to protect the skin from the cold. When temperatures are low and humidity plays tricks on us, our skin is affected. Hands, face, but also lips and even if it does not immediately catch the eye, in the long run even those who do not feel cold are good to cover and protect themselves. It is also a question of good circulation, not just aesthetics.

Protect the skin from the cold: creams

Creams are one of the most often adopted solutions when it comes to understanding How to protect the skin from the cold. Before that, it would be good to check that you are sufficiently hydrated also from the inside and if we struggle to drink water, let's dedicate ourselves hot drinks, such as tea and herbal teas.

The cream, however, is necessary and useful, before leaving the house in the morning and also in the evening, trying to choose those with natural ingredients and certified as organic, in particular with a nourishing and moisturizing action. Also an Rosehip Seed Oil it is perfect for those who are looking for How to protect their skin from the cold and, while we're at it, we'll also fix the effects of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and imperfections. On Amazon at 27 euros there are 60 ml bottles of excellent quality.

Protect the skin from the cold: natural remedies

To take a step further, beyond the cream, and being within the scope of body oil, we can spread after the shower with a few drops of jojoba oil. Let's apply it to still damp skin and it will moisturize and nourish the skin. They have a similar effect sesame oil and shea butter. When you think about How to protect the skin from the cold, we must not forget that in addition to the face there are also the hands to take care of and not just wearing gloves.

As a hand cream, let's choose one that's rich in organic and nourishing ingredients. Even the lips they must be protected more than ever in winter and as a natural remedy the paraffin that acts as a real barrier against the cold is excellent. But if we also want a moisturizing effect, even a do-it-yourself lip balm is better.

Protecting the skin from the cold: tips

We can also learn at the table How to protect the skin from the cold, for example preferring a menu that contains copious amounts of nuts, legumes, pomegranate and citrus fruits. Drinking is essential but in addition to water, in winter, it must be sipped green tea.

When we are at home or in the office, we don't think the How to protect the skin from the cold is something that does not concern us. It is important that the environment is not too dry for our skin and if it is, we can remedy it with water containers that are placed on the radiators.

When we wash or wash the house, dishes, clothes, it is more important than ever choose liquid detergents and soaps that do not contain Sodium laureth sulfate. And if we are taking a shower, in addition to the bubble bath, we must also take care of the water temperature. In winter we always dream of the classic "nice hot" shower but that's not what we are looking for if we want to understand How to protect the skin from the cold.

L'too hot water tends to deprive the skin of its natural protective barrier making her less hydrated and vulnerable. Nobody forces us or recommends an icy shower but we do not exceed 36-37 degrees.

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