Low voice, natural remedies

Low voice, natural remedies

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Low and hoarse voiceassociated or not with burning throat. Low voice, natural remedies and many tips.

The vocal cords are muscles, so if you've been yelling, singing loudly, or talking a lot… you might be affected! Therelow voiceis the classic post-concert or post-stage symptom! Who hasn't happened to yell to cheer on their favorite team or to attract the attention of the singer who treads the stage?In these cases, the vocal cords are strained and could be affected.

Low voice, cause

Therelow voiceit could be the symptom of the presence of muchi in the throat (in particular, muchi on the vocal cords), burning throat, allergies…. Other problems they can causehoarse voiceI'm:

  • smoke
  • inhalation of respiratory tract irritants
  • persistent cough
  • humidity-free environment
  • excessive consumption of beverages containing caffeine and / or alcohol
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease

Otherscausethat are hidden behind thelow, hoarse voiceit can be internal damage to the throat such as injury to the vocal cords, thyroid problems or ipolypsabnormal growths. In rarer cases, a hoarse voice can be a symptom of throat cancer.

If thelow, hoarse voiceit is not accompanied by others symptoms and you recently went wild in the disco, it will surely be a fatigue of the vocal cords.

Low voice, natural remedies

There are several natural remedies and homeopaths that can come in handy in case ofhoarsely. First of all, however, try to exclude pathologies associated with this symptom by consulting your doctor.

The remedies that we will see are useful in case of throat inflammation resulting in a hoarse voice or forlow, hoarse voiceassociated with overexertion.

Ginger or Ginger

Thegingerit is a good natural remedy for those with a hoarse voice. It relaxes the mucous membranes surrounding the vocal cords and larynx, plus it relieves inflammation and helps prevent and counter respiratory tract infections. To make the most of this remedy, prepare a ginger and lemon tea.


Highly recommended in herbal medicine and also used in homeopathy. Erism is the plant known asthe grass of the singers,excellent in case ofpharyngitis, largitisortracheitis. It is rich in sulphate glycosides, mucilages, essential oils, iodine, iron, polyphenols and many active ingredients that help counteract inflammation and irritation of the oral cavity ... it is useful in any circumstance, even when thehoarse voiceit is caused by cigarette smoking or an excess of mucus.

In addition to quickly extinguishing inflammation, erysim promotes healing of the oral mucosa and acts as a mucolytic and expectorant, useful in case of low voice with cough. Erysme is so effective that it is widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, it is easy to find formulations based on this plant on the market. Try asking at the herbalist's shop or pharmacy.

On Amazon, a spray bottle based on Erism and thyme, for sore throat and low voice, can be bought for 13 euros with free shipping. Erysme acts as a natural antibiotic for the throat.

Black pepper and chilli

Black pepper and chilli can be excellent natural remedies when thelow voiceit is caused by an excess of mucus covering the vocal cords. Beware! When the muchi cover the vocal cords, there may be severe inflammation in progress or it could be a symptom of acid reflux.

Apple cider vinegar

It has antimicrobial properties and will help you fight any airway infections. Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of honey in half a glass of hot water. Let it cool and drink.

If the problem persists, contact an ENT specialist.

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