Dried apricots: properties

Dried apricots: properties

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Dried apricots, among the least caloric of all dried fruit, they are certainly rich in properties. They are antioxidants and anticancer, are good for the skin and keep the level of "bad" cholesterol always lurking at bay.

Dried apricots: recipes

One of the treats at the houses of Dried apricots excellent for breakfast as for a snack, they are the dried apricot and banana muffins, very easy to prepare and also quite fast since it takes 15 minutes to prepare them and another 20 minutes to cook them.

You need 280 grams of flour 00, 50 grams of Dried apricots, two bananas, 150 ml of milk, 120 grams of sugar, 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 90 grams of butter and 2 eggs. The oven should be set at 200 ° C, then you can proceed as for preparing normal muffins by adding the Dried apricots together with sugar in the first phase of the dough, after having finely cut them.

Dried apricots: calories

If the fresh apricots they contain 50 calories per 100 grams, when we eat the dry ones we have to count about 4 times as much, that is 200 for each hectogram. However, they remain present vitamins and mineral salts of this fruit, which certainly does not go away with water.

Potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, for example, and also vitamins such as B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), vitamin C, E, K and J. The most present, however, is vitamin A, so much so that two hectograms of fresh apricots provide the daily requirement for an adult, with the shoals much less is enough.

Dried apricots and iron

When we talk about iron we always think of spinach, herbs and many other foods but we remain unaware of the fact that even Dried apricots they contain a lot of them.

They are not only rich in iron, but also in potassium and vitamins, so even if we don't want to cook cakes or sweets, let's eat them. Just cut them into small pieces and enrich the yogurt or fior di latte ice cream with them. Or keep one organic packaging in the bag as a snack.

Dried apricots: benefits

Rich in vitamins A and C, and then in fiber and potassium, digestible and nutritious but not greasy, the Dried apricots they are a food to keep in mind when you want to eat well and intelligently. They fight the anemia that leads to a unpleasant chronic fatigue, and at the same time they are useful for bone development and to stimulate the production of melanin which protects the skin.

Laxatives and antioxidants, the Apricots being rich in potassium they help regulate the heartbeat
Who has high cholesterol need not worry, this dried fruit is great for keeping it under control and also for ensuring a peaceful digestion.

Those who want to experience all the properties of dried apricots in person can buy them online a pack of 250 grams for 6 euros, or a series of packs, and try to eat them as a snack or snack, for a month. They are already pitted, therefore, convenient to keep even in a desk drawer.

Dried apricots in pregnancy

Given the numerous properties and the high digestibility of Dried apricots, they are a suitable and recommended food for pregnant women. In particular for the iron content, which is always good to keep under control at this stage. Even the fibers, for intestinal regularity, they make them more valuable than other types of dried fruit.

It should be noted that they contain sulphites, compounds containing sulfur that can cause unwanted effects for those who are particularly sensitive to sulphites such as those with asthma or kidney stones. One more reason to choose organic products that certainly contain less sulphites than average.

Dried apricots: sweet recipes

They feel above all sweet recipes based on or containing dried apricots, but there are those, more courageous, accompany them to the meat. However, they remain easier to consume and to offer, even to those who turn up their noses in front of fruit, if inserted in goodness like Panfrutto.

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