High uric acid: causes and natural remedies

High uric acid: causes and natural remedies

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High uric acid, a signal to be explored. It can simply be the consequence of one poor diet, but also an indication of the presence of more serious pathologies involving the kidneys or the cardiovascular system. Without immediately thinking about the worst case scenario, better inquire why this value we read in blood tests begin to have a more concrete meaning.

High uric acid in the urine

It is a substance produced by our body and we speak of High uric acid in the urine because, when it occurs, it is the sign that something is wrong with the kidneys. By measuring the concentration of this substance, we obtain values ​​called uricemia, which are obtained with a blood test, obviously fasting.

To understand if we have High uric acid we have to compare the number that emerges from the exams with the range of values ​​considered normal. It ranges from 2.40 and 5.70 mg / Dl of blood in women, while for men the references are 3.40 and 7.00 mg / Dl of blood

High uric acid: symptoms

Symptoms that we can most frequently observe in people who have High uric acid are joint pain, hypertension, renal colic and also a strong and abnormal itch. These are clues that must lead us to carry out a check, especially if we are already subject to high levels of cholesterol, ferritin and ESR.

If the blood tests show High uric acid, it is good to know that the main consequences are diseases such as gout, those concerning the kidneys or the cardiovascular system, diabetes. At high values ​​of uricemia they are also related edema and inflammation of the joints.

High uric acid: foods to avoid

One of the most frequent causes of the appearance of High uric acid, is an incorrect diet. We can correct it and fall within the recommended values. Like? Not exaggerating with nitrogen compounds (purines and proteins) e limiting the consumption of game, meat, poultry, fatty fish, crustaceans, cured meats and sausages.

In their place, we should prefer foods low in purines. For example, milk and cheeses, eggs and vegetables, but also fruit and pasta. A diet to avoid High uric acid it must also be free of alcohol and carbonated drinks: we must drink plenty of water and often sip infusions and herbal teas. In addition to alcohol and proteins, what causes uricemia to rise significantly is the prolonged consumption of diuretic drugs over time.

High Uric Acid: Natural Remedies

A healthy and balanced diet can be accompanied by natural remedies to remedy as soon as possible to a value of High uric acid. Among the most effective, apart from specific drugs, there are ash and birch, recommended for the treatment of gout. We can use them without a prescription and choosing whether to take them in capsules or in tincture format. They also exist numerous infusions containing both.

Low uric acid

It is not so frequent that it happens, but it can happen that theLow uric acid. It has to be in the indicated range so we don't shrug, sighing with relief because it's not tall, let's worry about how we're eating instead. Once again one poor nutrition can be the cause of the wrong value, but it is better to investigate because the reasons may also concern an ongoing viral hepatitis or impaired liver and kidney function.

Uric acid and bipolar disorder

According to a study conducted by a team of psychiatrists from the hospital and the University of Coimbra, high levels of uric acid in the blood in patients with depression can give the appearance of a bipolar disorder. The research was recently published in the international scientific journal Bipolar Disorders and reports a discovery that has all the numbers to revolutionize the treatment of depressed patients.

Indeed it appears that patients hospitalized for depression with high levels of uric acid in the blood are at greater risk of progressing to bipolar disorder. knowing this, and investigating more about the phenomenon just discovered, it might be possible to find a way also to identify bipolar disorder more readily from its earliest forms, and then have the opportunity to intervene at a stage prior to its development. That's how it is minimizes the impact of the disease on the life of the patient who suffers from a disease for which the diagnosis is often late. You risk confusing it with depression by prescribing medications which in some cases can even make the situation worse, rather than improve it.

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