Foods rich in iron

Foods rich in iron

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Foods rich in iron, to be looked for not in the classic tables with nutritional values, because it is necessary to understand not how much iron we ingest but how much we can actually use. The Foods rich in iron best known are offal, legumes, red meats, fish, dried fruit, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and yolk.

Foods rich in assimilable iron

As mentioned, it is not the absolute amount of iron that counts but the part of this mineral salt that we are able to absorb and therefore to use for benefit of the functioning of our organism. This part of iron that we can assimilate is called its bioavailability, the absorption process occurs in the duodenum and in the intestine in general.

In this body, a sort of assessment is made to assess whether we have ingested enough Foods rich in iron assimilable or not, because it is precious but if it is too much, it can become harmful.

When we insist on wanting to distinguish Foods rich in iron and Foods rich in assimilable iron, spinach is used as an example. Rich in iron, absolutely, but most of it cannot be absorbed by us because this vegetable contains substances that severely limit their absorption.

Foods rich in iron: anemia

There are numerous types of anemia, in general we can define it as a pathology characterized by a reduction of hemoglobin concentration (Hb) in the blood which results in a drop in the amount of oxygen available for the proper functioning of the tissues.

When suffer from anemia there is poor oxygenation of the tissues and this means that we are often tired and pale, we can have episodes of tachycardia and we cannot concentrate. The Foods rich in iron they are valuable for fighting anemia or counteracting it, in order to have the necessary amount of iron essential for the transport and use of oxygen by tissues and for the functioning of many enzymes.

Foods rich in vegetable iron

The classics vegetables rich in iron they are not only spinach but also legumes, dried fruit, whole grains and green leafy vegetables. Then there are foods that are not particularly rich in iron but are used to help us absorb that contained in others. They are just as precious and worth knowing: it is about foods rich in vitamin C ed citric acid (citrus), sugars and amino acids.

Note this information, it should be borne in mind that when you are healthy the body absorbs about 10% of dietary iron. However, it should be noted that the intestine behaves differently when compared to "vegetable" and "animal" iron. Of the first it absorbs a percentage between 2 and 10%, of the second a percentage between 10-35%.

Iron-rich foods in pregnancy

Iron in pregnancy is very important and must be monitored: if the mother does not consume an adequate amount of Foods rich in iron problems can arise. Even those who eat a good quantity of it can suffer from iron deficiency, for example in the case of close pregnancies, an occasion in which supplements are particularly useful.

Iron-rich foods or supplements

Without disdaining the Foods rich in iron, we do not exclude a priori the use of supplements which in some situations can be valuable. They don't have to be an excuse for though eat anarchically. Also online we can buy iron capsules, + WATT - Iron +, for 12 euros (40 pieces) in order to ensure the adequate supply of this substance which is so essential and which we are not always able to absorb from iron-rich foods.

Foods low in iron

By exclusion, the Foods low in iron, it is more important and useful to know the factors that reduce its absorption. We find in this blacklist phytic acid and phytates, oxalic acid and oxalates, contained in plant foods. Also if we exaggerate with the fibers, we limit the bioavailability of the element.

It is then curious to discover that Iron and Zinc they are in competition and can "cancel" each other, the same is true with football but at a lower intensity. Other enemies of the Foods rich in iron are tea and coffee, phosphates and then some drugs such as antibiotics and antacids.

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