Plants in the bathroom, which one to choose

Plants in the bathroom, which one to choose

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Plants in the bathroom: advantages and advice. Ornamental plants that can be grown in the bathroom with low or average lighting.

Plants in the bathroom, advantages

Theplants in the bathroomthey purify the air, give depth to the environment and furnish with elegance. THE advantages of the cultivation of ornamental plants in the bathroom are many; First of all, let's say right away that the potting soil absorbs bad smells while the leaves help regulate humidity and absorb toxic substances such as volatile organic compounds (voc).

Plants that purify the air

The soil of the vases, if well managed and with the right spare parts, is a good ally for absorbing bad smells that… in the bathroom are not lacking!

In the bathroom we tend to make heavy use of detergents, lacquers, solvents… and there is no lack of furniture with treated wood. In this context, ferns that absorb formaldehyde and xylene can be useful. Ficus benjamin will help you purify the air from ammonia, benzene and trichlorethylene. For the same purpose, in the bathroom, you cancultivate plantssuch as aloe vera, philodendrons and ivy.

Ornamental plants for the bathroom: warnings!

If you intend to cultivateornamental plants in the bathroomit is necessary to move them when using detergents and be careful not to splash the leaves with soaps and other corrosive products.

Plants in the bathroom with little light

If your bathroom has no windows, you will have an environment with very little light and moreover artificial. This is a very difficult condition for the cultivation of ornamental plants but not impossible. At Ikea, for example, you can find crosses of ornamental plants specially selected for low-light environments.

If yoursbathroom with little lightit only has a north-facing window, you will only have shaded positions where the light comes in indirectly. This is the ideal condition for growing many plants that generally grow spontaneously in the undergrowth of the forests. In shady locations, with indirect light, you can grow all the plants that don't need sun.

Plants in the bathroom with medium or lots of light

The sunny position in the bathroom is only close to the window. In this area you can grow cactaceae, epiphytic bromeliads and succulents.

In particular, on the windowsill of the bathroom you can grow:

  • Bromeliads such as Guzmania.
  • Capsicum annuum, better known as ornamental chilli.
  • Succulents such as kalanchoe, a very hardy plant that needs little care.
  • Flower bulbs.
    Here you have a huge choice because we go from crocuses to hyacinths, from tulips to daffodils.

Plants in the small bathroom

In asmall bathroomdo not give up decorating with plants. All flower bulbs take up little space and can be grown even in very confined spaces.

Flower bulbs require filtered sunlight and moderate watering. A curtain will suffice to filter direct sunlight.

Other ornamental plants to grow in the bathroom

Who prefersflowering ornamental plants, can grow them in the bathroom as long as the light is reflected also thanks to the presence of a mirror.

You can choose indoor flowering plants such as Persian violet (Exacum affine), browallia, anthurium, bluebell and primroses. Green light for the cultivation in the bathroom also for the caladium, the coleus and the begonia rex.

Decorative vases for the bathroom

The bulbs can be grown with universal potting soil and containers without drainage holes, so you can use all sorts of ornamental pots, even porcelain containers you already have around the house.

For succulents, you can use themed decorative vases like the one shown in the photo above and proposed on Amazon at the price of 19.24 euros with free shipping. The "tub-vase" in question is equipped with a drain hole so it is suitable for the cultivation of any plant but we advise you to use it for succulents.

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