African hedgehog: characteristics and price

African hedgehog: characteristics and price

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African hedgehog, to keep at home but not to be confused with European cousin (erinaceus europeus) which is present in Italy but whose detention is forbidden because it is recognized as a wild species in all respects. The African hedgehog is instead one of the pets which today is the most popular among the strangest ones, so we can adopt one if we are able to respect its needs.

African hedgehog: characteristics

The real name of this animal is "Atelerix albiventris" and for several years it has been considered a pet, exotic type, but legal and also quite fashionable. It is not at the Washington Convention on the African-African trade in endangered species of fauna and flora.

Its origins are clearly African but currently we find it bred also in other areas, including Italy, to which are also added England, North America and Spain. For those who buy it, there is also the possibility to choose the colors, some are "natural", like albino, chocolat, pinto and cinnicot, but there are also new versions of the African hedgehog, the result of crossbreeding and experiments. An example is the guy said odd eyed, with eyes of different colors, or it spotted face, with spots on the face.

Does African hedgehog stink?

The African hedgehog it doesn't smell, or, at the very least, no more than other exotic pets that aren't stuffed toys. To the question: "but does this animal stink?" it is always difficult to answer. What is meant by stink? An animal that lives with us, like all living creatures, it has its own smell, we ourselves stink. Sure, a African hedgehog it can be a problem with what you eat.

It is an insectivorous animal in nature, but when we adopt it we can feed it with what we find in pet shops, so flour moths, caimans, crickets and honey worms. Occasionally we can also use treats for cats or small dogs, of the wet type, but not too often!

African hedgehog: character

The hedgehog has a hedgehog character, therefore solitary and nocturnal. Whether he is male or female, he wants to be on his own, not only does he not really want to interact with humans, but not even with his fellows. Only during the mating season these hedgehogs meet, if love at first sight is triggered then they must be kept separate, the puppy remains with the mother and weaned around 30 days of life.

African hedgehog: price

One copy can cost from 70 to 150 euros, then it depends a lot on the color we choose and on the sex. The average life span of the African hedgehog is about 8 years but when it lives at home with us it can even reach 10 years, the important thing is that we feed it correctly being careful that it does not become obese, even giving it the opportunity to do a little 'of motion out of the cage.

For those who cannot afford a live African hedgehog, here is the soft toy, at 15 euros, on Amazon, 16 cm tall.

African hedgehog: cage

Being exotic animals, African hedgehogs must have a terrarium or a tub or cage to stay in. It is in fact very important that they can enjoy the correct temperature, even in our winter which can be unbearable for them. They should never be in a room with less than 20/22 degrees. And let's remember to take them for a walk every now and then because in nature they cover many Km, it is right that they are free in the evening to take a stroll around the house.

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