Sleeping on the left side: meaning

Sleeping on the left side: meaning

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Sleeping on the left side it is a habit that many have, and it is a good habit to hear the experts, sleep experts, of course, and not the expert sleepers. Beyond the hours of relaxation in bed that we allow ourselves, and what we dream of, it would seem that sleeping on the left side is better than on the right. The reasons are not political and even less aesthetic, they are not related to feng shui but to benefits we can enjoy if we choose to sleep on the left side. It is known to many that we are not symmetrical beings, if we turn to one side rather than the other when lying in bed, we can extend our life without any effort. Not insured but worth a try.

In cases of heartburn and snoring habit, for example, sleeping on the left side can be a remedy, also useful for better breathing, not to mention when you have neck pain and back pain. Pay attention to the side you lean on the bed.

Sleeping on the left side in pregnancy

When expecting a baby, especially when it is winding down, it is It is highly recommended to sleep on the left side due to circulation. This posture in fact creates benefits in this regard and ensures that the uterus does not cause too much pressure on the liver, improves blood flow to the uterus and kidneys. For pregnant women, the back is also always very delicate and sleeping on the left side gives relief, relieving pain.

Sleeping on the left side: meaning

If it may seem like a crazy modern gimmick, it isn't: sleeping on the left side is also recommended in ancient times traditional Indian medicine, because it facilitates lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation to the heart and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Digestion is best done if you sleep on your left side, the flow of bile is facilitated and we are able to eliminate toxins more easily thanks to a better involvement of the lymphatic system, essential for detoxifying our body. Very the spleen is also linked to the left side which, coincidentally, is part of the lymphatic system, its job is to filter the blood and if we sleep on the left side we tire it less.

Sleeping on the left side: reflux

If we take a correct sleeping position, we facilitate the digestion process by preventing them from occurring extremely annoying night reflux and sometimes even dangerous. This is because when we sleep on the left side, the passage of digestive waste through the intestine is more fluid, in particular towards the descending colon.

Here then, after a "left" night, wake up in great shape. There are even those who recommend lying on the left side for 10 minutes after meals, even if it is not evening, 10 minutes 10 only for help the body digest food properly, with the stomach and pancreas in the ideal position.

Sleeping on the left or right side

There are exceptions not to be overlooked when it comes to choosing which side to sleep on. The left side is preferred in most cases but not 100% of cases. But not when it comes to people who have had a heart attack and heart problems.

In general, there remains an advice, that of sleeping on the left side, because the most important thing is that each of us sleep peacefully. It can help right pillowcase, nice and fresh, such as this one, for couples, for 24 euros, also excellent as a gift for an anniversary or Valentine's Day.

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