Smart grids: what they are and advantages

Smart grids: what they are and advantages

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Smart grid it is a term that is heard very often, as well as smart city, and is sometimes used in an inappropriate way. In order not to be one of those who fill their mouths with big words without knowing what they refer to, let's find out what we mean when we talk about smart grid and what is it for. We are interested in it because it is now a concept, a reality, which has to do with the fight against climate change and with the decrease in the use of fossil fuels such as oil or coal.

Smart grids: what they are

The smart grid they are made with intelligent technologies that are able to manage the electricity grid by integrating all users and any products connected to it. The purpose, and the principle by which they work, is to distribute the energy that enters the network as efficiently as possible.

Let's imagine there smart grid like a network made up of many other smaller, coordinated networks that connect producers and consumers. These mini networks are linked together so as to be able to exchange information: it is not gossip but it is the way to manage the peak demand with the maximum efficiency. In practice, this allows you to avoid power outages and reduce the load where necessary. The smart grid therefore they also give concrete advantages to individuals: they concern us closely.

Smart grids: what they are for

The smart grid they save us money because they make our energy production and distribution system "intelligent". At the same time too the environment benefits as often happens when we avoid wasting matter and energy.

This kind of smart electricity grids they are designed to ensure that energy is continuously distributed even in large quantities. Centralized control and consumers / users can be sure that the energy flow will always be the same.

An "old-fashioned" electricity grid, not as smart as the smart grid, is not today able to efficiently and sensibly manage an electricity grid in which there are more and more plants for the supply of energy from renewable sources. It is necessary that you get smart, that it emancipates itself, that you learn to "manage" better the flows and variables that once did not exist and that are necessary and welcome because they reduce environmental damage and waste.

Smart grid: intelligent power grid

We talked about intelligent power grid, thus translating the term smart grid, but it is not a saying or a "random" translation. This new management method is effectively able to interact and make producers and consumers interact, to determine in advance the energy demands in order to convey the electrical flow where it is needed. It is not magic.

This can happen "only" thanks to electronics, information technology and communication that make a grid, smart, which transports energy in a bidirectional way. While all this is happening, there is no need to worry, as if everything were improvised from time to time "and we hope it works": the network is under tight 24 hour monitoring, to avoid malfunctions and also to keep track of all the electrical flow of the system.

Smart grid in Italy

Also in Italy the concept of smart grid and also its application, also because it is convenient, both for individuals and companies. It is also worthwhile to the environment, because when there are overproductions of energy in some places, the "excesses" can be distributed where needed thanks to a dynamic and real-time management. Smart, then ..

When inserted into a smart grid you are as users, interconnected, and you have the opportunity to receive information on energy management. Among the advantages, the possibility to access the production of electricity from renewable sources, with lower costs, and to have greater flexibility in energy consumption. From day to day, from season to season, but also on the same day.

Enel smart grid

Enel in Italy has been working on the smart grid, starting from smart meters and remote management, also managing to make technical and commercial operations manageable remotely and making consumption and information travel online.

In practice, this gives each user the opportunity to produce and network their own electricity with considerable advantages. With the PAN project (Puglia Active Network), Enel has created the distribution system for a modern wireless communication network that is always active, giving an example of how it is possible to ensure that transport system together with electricity also information and data. This allows you to know the trend in consumption in real time, therefore to evaluate the environmental impact and to work to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

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