Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

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Yellow flowers, there are various shapes and sizes, some already on 8 March for the women's day, are very popular, others are waiting for the spring weather stabilize to come out and show themselves in all their splendor without blushing. Let's get to know them, not really one by one but almost.

Yellow flowers: names

In alphabetical order here the names of the best-known yellow flowers: Sorrel, Agrimonia, Alisso, Anemone, Arnica, Bartonia, Borracina, Calla, Carpigna, Celandonia, Cinquefoil, Rapeseed, Craspedia, Dandelion, Evening primrose, Coltsfoot, Forsythia, Gazania, Jasmine, Genziana, Gerbera, Giglio, Ginestra, Ginestrina , Sunflower, Daffodil, Hypericum, Laburnum, Mimosa, Narcissus, Nasturtium, Poppy, Pelosella, Potentilla, Primula, Ranunculus, Rapunzia, Rosa, Santolina, Sanvitalia, Senecio, Sferracavallo, Solidago, Sparrowhawk, Marigold, Dandelion, Tulip, Mullein, Verga of gold, Wallflower, Vulneraria, Zinnia.

Clustered yellow flowers

Between yellow flowers in clusters, the Mimosa is the most famous. Like it or not, it is now an established success even if it originates from distant Tasmania. It has been present in Italy since the mid-1800s, it is set on the Ligurian Riviera and in the southern areas of which it appreciates temperate climates.

The mimosa, among the yellow flowers, is one of those that sprouts from a plant, a plant that can also be cumbersome if left to grow. However, flowers are always small, they are gods globose flower heads from which numerous stamens, obviously yellow, branch off.

Field yellow flowers

A sunflower field it is the most beautiful that can exist, in my opinion, and this is one of the best known yellow flowers. However, not everyone also knows its technical name, Helianthus annuus which derives from the fact that the flower rotates the “flower head” (or inflorescence) according to the movement of the sun.

These heliocentric flowers, they come from America, but as early as 1500 they were brought to Europe for ornamental purposes. The stem, even 2 meters long, holds the flower and accompanies it with few leaves, green and rough. The flower is large and round, it has gods bright yellow petals grouped around a disc with a diameter between 5 and 50 cm. Let's not forget that the seeds of these yellow flowers are edible and very useful for our well-being.

Spring yellow flowers

There are many spring yellows, each of us knows dozens of them, I invite you to plant the Chinese peony by purchasing the seeds on Amazon at the price of 9.78 euros to have one of the most beautiful yellow flowers I know.

Yellow and white flowers

Before yellow, then white, those of Dandelion they are nice flowers that many of us call, myself included, "shower head". More than for their aesthetics, these yellow flowers are appreciated for theirs diuretic properties. They are also called Dandelion, grow spontaneously up to 2000 meters above sea level and after flowering they form a dry fruit called "achene", with a tuft of downy hair that invites us to blow on it. A flower, on the other hand, to which nothing happens if you blow on it, but is a beautiful yellow, is theMarigold

Yellow flowers: Mimosa

Known as Mimosa but with the real name of Acacia dealbata, this plant belongs to the Mimosaceae family and we discover that the name of Mimosa is even improper, used in vernacular language but which in theory should be used to identify the entire genus and not ours Acacia Dealbata.

Beyond the name, this plant is a pioneer plant, widely used as an ornamental plant thanks to its fragrant flowering with very delicate yellow flowers and thanks to the fact that it has become a symbol of women in their party. L'8th of March mimosas are given away throughout Italy and it is the 24 hours of fame of a plant that for the rest of the year is not used much in terms of gifts, it is preferred to donate bouquets of yellow roses or other flowers outside of 8 March.

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