How to make milk with foam

How to make milk with foam

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How to make milk with foam: instructions for preparing a cappuccino with froth or the classic frothed white milk.

In this guide we will see how to make the foam that characterizes the cappuccino taken at the bar or the classic milk, without added coffee. From useful tools (mixer, thermomix, blender…) to ad hoc machines.

After seeing how condensed milk is made, let's talk about foamed milk and cappuccino.

How to make frothed milk with the Thermomix

Thethermomixit is an excellent tool for making cappuccino like the one in the bar or an excellent frothed milk. With the thermomix, you will get a foam so dense that it will literally make you lick your mustache ... of foam! How to make frothed milk at home with the thermomix?

  • Pour the milk into the jug for 5 minutes at 80 ° and speed 3
  • Bring to speed 10 for 30 seconds
  • Pour the milk into the cups and add some hot coffee.

How to make milk with foam

The cheapest way to prepare the milk with foam, both hot and cold, involves the use of a small battery-operated tool: the milk frother.

To use this device successfully, you need to do some practice. When you have learned how to use it, it will give you great satisfaction: thanks to the foam produced it can more than double the volume of milk and I speak from personal experience.

At the time of use it is important that the washer is located just below the surface of the milk, the purpose is to incorporate as many air bubbles as possible into the liquid: this is how the milk becomes frothy and above all foamy! Tilt the cup and move the rotating washer up and down.

The immersion milk frother is the cheapest way to obtain a dense and comparable foam to that of the bar. In stores it is easy to find immersion milk frothers for 10 - 15 euros and also on Amazon. The one offered by the brandSeverinyou buy with 9.90 euros with free shipping. For all the details: Severin SM Immersion milk frother

The only advice for an optimal use of this tool is to use it with fully charged batteries. To me, the batteries last a couple of months (using it every morning to prepare 2 foamed caps) but as soon as they lose their beats the process becomes longer. Remember to always have a spare pair of batteries.

How to make cappuccino froth

The procedure for preparing the frothed cappuccino it is only a little longer than that seen for the frothed milk. In practice, you just need to prepare the frothed milk and add the amount of coffee of your choice. Stir slowly and… enjoy!

We do not recommend doing the reverse, that is, adding coffee before "frothing" or "froth the milk ".If you add coffee before"Froth the milk"it will be more difficult to incorporate the air bubbles e create froth in the milk.

Tool for making froth for milk and cappuccino

There are a large number of tools for making foam in tin and cappuccino. In the article dedicated tohomemade foamed milkwe have described prices, advantages, disadvantages and uses of tools such as:

  • Milk frother cup
  • Immersion milk frother
  • Induction milk frother
  • Frothed milk with blender
  • Cold or hot frothed milk

How frothy milk and coffee form

How is the foam of coffee, milk or… beer formed? And what does beer have to do with it ?! It matters because the principle is the same. Therefoamit is formed because gaseous substances are incorporated in a liquid phase.

In the case of beer, many houses also use high pressure nitrogen to form bubbles and foam.

In the case of thehomemade cappuccino and frothed milkwe are going to incorporate air by means of the motion of the various instruments. On the contrary, in the foamed cappuccino prepared at the bar, a machine is used that is able to permanently trap water vapor in the liquid phase.

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